How to Fix Steam Games Not Making Sound on Windows 11/10 PC

How to Fix Steam Games Not Making Sound

Is the audio in your Steam game not working? Here’s how to solve the problem of Steam games not making sound on your Windows 11/10 PC. Steam is a leading gaming platform that allows users to download, purchase and play various games.

Some Steam users have complained of not being able to hear sound while playing games. This sound issue can ruin your gaming experience. If you are experiencing the same problem, we are going to show you some alternative ways to fix Audio not working on Steam games.

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However, before using the below-mentioned ways, make sure whether you are experiencing the problem of no sound only with Steam or with other programs as well. If you can’t hear anything in Windows, follow the steps in this guide to fix this sound problem.

Before we get into the actual fix, let’s take a look at the scenarios that could cause this problem.

Why Steam Games Not Making Sound?

There could be many reasons which trigger the sound issue on Steam on your PC. Here are some of the causes of Steam games not making sound:

  • You might get this problem if there are some third party sound managers in your PC which conflict with your default sound manager.
  • If you are experiencing this problem only on certain Steam games, there is a possibility that the files and cache of the game are corrupt and you need to verify and replace them.
  • Many users encounter this problem due to Realtek HD Audio driver and can fix it by changing to Generic Audio driver.
  • The Windows update that you just installed could also be the cause, thus the sound problems on Steam games appear.

Now, you can try the solutions listed below to get rid of this problem.

How to Fix Steam Games Not Making Sound on Windows 11/10 PC

You can follow the below ways to fix audio not working on Steam games on your Windows 11/10 PC:

  1. Run Steam As Administrator
  2. Update Audio Driver
  3. Uninstall Conflicting Programs like Sonic Studio III or MSI Audio
  4. Switch to Windows Default Audio Driver
  5. Game Cache Integrity Verification
  6. Reinstall Steam
  7. Use System Restore Point

Let’s discuss the above methods in detail now!

1. Run Steam as Administrator

The silent issue in Steam games can also be triggered if you run the app without admin rights. So, you might just need to run the Steam app with administrator rights to solve this problem. Just right click on the Steam program and then use the Run as administrator option.

If you want to always run Steam with administrator rights, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Steam directory and right-click on the Steam executable file.
  2. Select the Properties option.
  3. Go to the Compatibility tab.
  4. Enable the Run this program as an administrator option.
  5. Press Apply > OK button to save changes.

You can now run Steam with administrator privileges permanently.

2. Update Audio Driver

If you are using outdated audio drivers, you may experience sound issues while playing games on Steam. Therefore, consider updating your Audio Driver using the Windows Update feature or free driver update software. After the Audio Driver is updated, check if the issue of audio not working on Steam games is resolved.

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3. Uninstall Conflicting Programs such as Sonic Studio III or MSI Audio

Many users encounter this problem on Steam because of the third party sound managers installed on their PC, such as Asus Sonic Studio 3, Nahimic 2, Sonic Radar 3, Alienware Sound Center, MSI Audio. This is because a sound manager like Sonic Studio III can switch the sound from the app to a different audio output. In this case, you may not be able to hear the sound in Steam games.

If so, then uninstall the conflicting sound manager program from your PC, then check if the problem is resolved.

4. Switch to Windows Default Audio Driver

As some users who encountered this problem reported that they were able to fix the problem after changing their audio driver to the Windows Audio built-in driver from Realtek HD Audio. This is purely based on what has worked for some users.

You can try these fixes and see if the problem gets resolved. Here are the steps to switch the audio driver to the Windows built-in Audio Driver.

  1. First, open the Run dialog box using a hotkey Windows+R and type mmsys.cpl in the Run dialog box and press the OK button. This will open the Sound window.
  2. Now, in the Playback tab, select the active device and then press the Properties button. Then, click the Properties button next to Controller Information on the General tab.
  3. After that, in the new window, move to the General tab and tap the Change Settings button.
  4. Next, from the High Definition Audio Device properties window, navigate to the Driver tab and press the Update Driver button.
  5. Then, you need to select the Browse my computer for driver software option and then hit the Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer option.
  6. Now, make sure the Show compatible hardware checkbox is enabled, then select High Definition Audio Device and tap Next.
  7. Finally, confirm the installation and reboot your PC.
How to Fix Steam Games Not Making Sound-4

Hopefully the audio not working on Steam will be fixed now.

5. Verify Game Cache Integrity

If you are experiencing sound issues with certain games on Steam, the main cause might be corrupted game files or insufficient game cache. In this case, verifying Game Cache Integrity will help you refresh and replace corrupted game files on Steam. Try doing this and see if the problem is fixed or not.

Here are the basic steps to check and verify the integrity of the game cache on Steam:

  1. First, launch the Steam game client and click the Library tab from the top.
  2. Now, select the Game option.
  3. Next, right-click on the game that doesn’t make sound.
  4. After that, select the Properties option
  5. Then, navigate to the Local Files tab and tap the Verify Integrity of Game Files button.
  6. Finally, let the verification process complete successfully and then see if the problem is fixed.
How to Fix Steam Games Not Making Sound-5

6. Reinstall Steam

If none of the above methods worked for you, then you can try reinstalling Steam and starting over. For that, close all Steam related processes from Task Manager, uninstall Steam completely, download the latest Steam installer, and install Steam on your PC. However, before doing that, backup your game files first.

7. Use a System Restore Point

If you started noticing this problem recently, then you might be able to fix it by using a System Restore Point. System Restore worked great for a lot of people and maybe for you too.

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So, roll back your PC to its previous state where you didn’t face any sound issues on Steam. See if this fixes the problem for you or not.

Those are some ways to solve the problem of Steam games not making sound on your Windows 11/10 PC. Hopefully this article is useful and thank you for visiting.

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