How to Get Cepcil Pants 2022, Let’s Brush

You all need to know that how to get Cepcil 2022 pants is very easy. Why? Yes, because we have provided a previous tutorial about redeem codes from GM Paper Bags that you can exchange for gifts. Even though the prize was just a trial. And it turns out that’s one way to get these 2022 Cepcil pants.

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Basically, in general, if you want to get Cepcil pants, you can buy them with diamonds. In this way, you will surely succeed in getting cepcil pants. It’s just that maybe not all survivors have the money to buy a Cepcil pants bundle.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many are looking for a way to get 2022 shorts by using the redeem code. So which is the Cepcil bundle redeem code? Let’s try to review this article until the end so that you are not misinformed.

How to Get Cepcil Pants 2022 Very Easy

It turns out, it turns out, to be able to get free cepcil pants 2022 is not as difficult as imagined. You can use the same redeem code for the cepcil bundle redeem code, the plague doctor bundle redeem code and the zombie shirt / pants redeem code. This is because the redeem code has been tested by other survivors and indeed the results can be obtained. But again, it’s a trial.

How to Get Cepcil Pants 2020
How to Get Cepcil Pants 2022

Even so, at least you still have a chance to get the cepcil bundle, so don’t complain because this is a gift. If the gift depends on the giver, don’t ask for anything that doesn’t matter. Next time, you will definitely be given another redeem code which, God willing, can be used to redeem the permanent bundle.

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So yesterday you must have remembered the redeem code PXTLELXDOO9L right? This is also what was used to get the Cepcil pants bundle. It’s just that the possibility is not 100% because it could be that between FF players the prizes are different. So you don’t complain, for example, the prizes are not the same.

How to Redeem Cepcil Pants Bundle 2022

You can start exchanging / redeeming Cepcil pants in the following way. Don’t let it be too late to redeem cepcil pants.

  • You can enter the link at to enter the redeem site from Garena.
  • You must log in using a Facebook, VK, Google account, or it could be a Huawei ID.
  • When you have successfully logged in, from here you just need to input the code PXTLELXDOO9L to the available space.
  • Then you can press the button Confirm > OK.
  • You will get the reward in approximately the next 30 minutes.

Note that the prizes that you can get from this PXTL ELXD OO9L redeem code include Zombie Pants, Zombie Clothes, Plague Doctor Bundles, Cepcil Bundles, and Loot Crates. This prize will be sent to your in-game mail.

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We think it’s enough to explain how to get Cepcil 2022 pants. Hopefully the information from us is useful. Don’t forget to try. If it works, please comment below. If you have redeemed once, it is possible that you can redeem it on the same device and account.

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