How to Get Free Leona Skin in Mobile Legends 2022

How to Get Free Leona Skin — This August 2022, Moonton will release the Mobile Legends x KoF series 3 event. So this is not a new event in Mobile Legends because it has appeared twice before. And coincidentally, if there is an event like this, Mobile Legends will give one of the KoF skins, Karina’s Leona Skin.

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So when you later join in the event, you will get free Leona skin. This KoF series 3 event will be similar to the previous one, which will appear with a Bingo Event. Therefore, feel free to take part in it to get Leona’s skin for free.

The KoF Mobile Legends event itself presents 7 main skins, namely: Kula Diamond – Aurora, Iori Yagami – Chou, Athena Asamiya – Guinevere, K’ – Gusion, Orochi Chris – Dyrroth and Leona Heidern- Karina. Well, this coincidence comes back to Mobile Legends, it will definitely be the same as before. There is one skin that is given for free, which belongs to Leona – Karina.

How to Get Free Leona Skin on MLBB

It’s clear that Leona’s skin was previously given by Moonton for free because to lure players Mobile Legends to buy the KoF skin. So it’s not without purpose why Moonton is sharing it for free.

How to Get Free Leona Skin
How to Get Free Leona Skin

Indeed, if you look around, this KOF Bingo draw event will later give you the opportunity to get Leona’s skin once again.

Therefore, make sure you join the event so you can get the leona skin – Karina for free in August 2022. That’s just the information, maybe.

Gifts Other Than Free Leona Skin

Later when you participate in the KoF Bingo event in Mobile Legends in August 2022, there is a possibility that you will get the main skin, Valir – Ryo Kusanagi. So Valir will get a KoF-themed epic skin too.

Therefore, whether you want to get a free Leona skin or other KoF skins, you have to join the KoF Bingo event. Which may be for some streamers the price is unbelievably expensive.


That’s all information from us about how to get Leona’s skin for free. Don’t forget to just wait for the event to be released in your Mobile Legends game.

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