How to Get Skins in the Star Wars Alucard Mobile Legends Event

How to Get Skins at the Star Wars Alucard Mobile Legends Event – ​​There is a New ML Event at the end of 2022 to early 2022. For those of you who happen to not have an ML skin. Great chance to spin this Star Wars Alucard for free

The Mobile Legends x Star Wars collaboration event has now appeared. In this collaboration event you can get the Star Wars Skin Alucard Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Not only that, you can also get battle emotes, recall effects, and Star Wars-themed elimination effects. This Star Wars Mobile Legends event is very cool and a pity to miss.

To find out more about the Star Wars Alucard event, you can listen to this discussion carefully.

Star Wars Alucard Events
Star Wars Alucard ML Events

So you can get the Star Wars Alucard Skin for free.

Alucard Star Wars Skin is here, how many diamonds do you need?

After being postponed, it turns out that today the latest Star Wars event from Alucard – Obi Wan Kenobi has arrived.

This latest Alucard skin comes with more or less the same event as before, namely Darth Vader and Master Yoda. The difference is that now there is a Granger Legend skin that comes with the skin

MLBB X Star Wars Skin Alucard at a glance

The Star Wars Alucard event has appeared in Mobile Legends and will end on January 20, 2022. Because the event time is quite long, then you should not waste the opportunity to take part in this Star Wars Mobile Legends event.

By participating in the Star Wars Mobile Legends Event, you can have the opportunity to get a permanent Star Wars Skin.

You can also get the Legend Granger Skin, Epic Skin, Elite Skin, and Normal Skin at this Star Wars event.

But of course our focus is on Alucard’s newest skin worth 700 Star Wars tokens, how many diamonds do you need?

How many Number of Diamonds To Get Star Wars Skin

How many diamonds do you have to spend to get 700 Galactic Credits? Based on the influencers who have tried the existing ones, roughly the required range 4,000 diamonds around IDR 1,000,000.

But you certainly don’t lose because every 10 draws you will get at least 1 Special skin and above (if you are lucky you get an Epic).

Later, if you get the skin you already have, it will turn into Galactic Credit, thus reducing the number of diamonds you use, of course.

Price of Star Wars Alucard Skin
source: Mobile Legends

In addition to the draw first 10xyou will certainly get a Special skin that you don’t have.

And if you want to wait until the free draw event, it will be around 1 week from now.

Because the good news for those of you who might want a Granger skin at a cheaper price is also at this event. Granger Legend comes with 1000 tokens along with the Alucard skin – Obi Wan Kenobi.

And you can just exchange it at the shop the same as exchanging Alucard.

How to Get Star Wars Alucard Skin ML

To get the Star Wars Alucard Skin, then you have to do a spin on Star Wars Mobile Legends. From the spin results you can get Galactic Credit Tokens.

This Galactic Credit Token can be exchanged for Alucard Star Wars Skin or any other skin you want. To get the Star Wars Alucard Skin, you must collect 700 Galactic Credits.

You can do a spin to get this Galactic Credit Token by using the Galactic Ticket or diamond you have. You can get Galactic Tickets by completing existing missions.

How to Get a Free Galactic Ticket for the Alucard Star Wars Event

So here’s how to get a Galactic Ticket for the Alucard Star Wars Free Spin Event.

How do I get a Galactic Ticket to do free spins or gacha in the Star Wars Alucard Event? You can get a Galactic Ticket by logging into the Mobile Legends game and top up diamonds.

To complete the Galactic Ticket quest, you can click the Events button, select Daily, then click the MLBB X Star Wars menu. Click the Claim button on the mission Login to the game. If you want to get more Galactic Tickets, then you can top up.

You can top up with a minimum of 50 diamonds to get a Galactic Ticket. Not bad, top up diamonds can get a Galactic Ticket bonus. After top up you can immediately claim the Galactic Ticket.

How to Spin Alucard Mobile Legends Star Wars Skin

How to garcha the newest Alucard Star Wars Skin in Mobile Legends is not difficult. You just have to follow the guide to get the following free Alucard 2022 Star Wars Skin:

  1. Open the Mobile Legends game, then click the Star Wars button to enter the event.
  2. Click the 1x or 10x button to spin using the Galactic Ticket you have.
  3. If the Galactic Ticket runs out, you can spin with diamonds. For 10x spins you need 1000 diamonds (30% discount on the first spin), then 1x spins require 100 diamonds (50% discount on the first spin).
  4. After doing a spin, then you will get a Galactic Ticket.
  5. Redeem the Galactic Ticket by clicking the Exchange Store button, then click Redeem on the reward you want.

Immediately get all the skins you want at this Star Wars MLBB event Like the method above

Those are the steps to complete the Star Wars ML Mobile Legends event that Domainjava can convey through this article. Hopefully this helps.

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