How to Get the Latest Free Tiktok Axis Quota

Free Tiktok Axis Quota – Axis Tiktok Quota is the result of a collaboration between the operator who is identical with the purple color and bytedance, the company that develops the Tiktok application. This has received a warm welcome for axis customers in Indonesia. It’s understandable considering the application is so popular in the country. For those who still don’t know how to use it or how to buy it, please refer to the following review until it’s finished.

Tiktok or which has the name Douyin in its home country is a social networking platform based on short music videos that was launched in 2022. This application gives users access to share short videos of their own creation. Now in 2022, TikTok has transformed into a social media giant with tens of millions of users around the world.

With such high demand, it is only natural that a number of operators launch special quota services to access tiktok. One of them is Axis. As an operator that is known to be close to young people, it is appropriate to provide a service that is favored by most of its customers.

How to Buy Quota Tiktok Axis 2022

Considering that TikTok is a video-based application, of course it will take up quite a large internet quota. If you choose the wrong internet quota, your pocket could be broken because you eat up the quota to scroll videos on Tiktok. Utilizing unlimited quota and tiktok quota is the right way if you are already addicted to the bytedance application.

You can find the partnership between tiktok and axis in the OWSEM package, BOOSTR Sosmed and the axis free quota bonus on the starter pack purchase package. With a variety of options, of course, can be more tailored to your needs. The explanation of each package is as follows:

Buy OWSEM Axis Package

The Owsem package is an internet package consisting of various quotas including main quota, night quota, video quota, music quota, game quota and also social media quota. Now this social media quota can be used to access Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and also Tinder. The price and package options are as follows:

  • Owsem 16 Gb (Rp 43,900,-)
    (2GB main quota, 8GB night quota, 2GB video quota, 2GB social media quota, 2GB music quota, and unlimited game quota)
  • Owsem 24 Gb (Rp 53,900,-)
    (3GB main quota, 12GB night quota, 3GB video quota, 3GB social media quota, 3GB music quota, and unlimited game quota)
  • Owsem 40 Gb (Rp 65,900,-)
    (Main quota 5 Gb, Night quota 20 Gb, Video quota 5 Gb, Social media quota 5 Gb, Music quota 5 Gb, and unlimited game quota)
  • Owsem 64 Gb (Rp 83.900,-)
    (Main quota 8 Gb, Night Quota 32Gb, Video Quota 8 Gb, Social Media Quota 8 Gb, Music Quota 8 Gb, and unlimited game quota)
  • Owsem 120 Gb (Rp 104,900,-)
    (Main quota 15 Gb, Night Quota 60Gb, Video Quota 15 Gb, Social Media Quota 15 Gb, Music Quota 15 Gb, and unlimited game quota)
owsem quota price
owsem quota price

To buy tiktok axis quota contained in the owsem package, you can go through UMB *123# or the Axisnet application

Social media boost package

For those of you who want to continue to exist on social media in a more economical way, then this package can be the solution. BOOSTR Sosmed is offering a special quota that can only be used for social media applications. This social media quota from Axis can be used to access Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and also TikTok. That way you can always update information and see content that is trending. Details of the price and the amount of the quota can be seen below:

  • 500 Mb quota
    (Price IDR 700,- with 1 day active period)
  • 1 Gb quota
    (Price is IDR 1,000, with active cooking for 1 day)
  • Quota 2 Gb
    (Price Rp. 1,500, – with an active period of 1 day)
  • 1 Gb quota
    (Price 3,500, – with an active period of 7 days)
  • Quota 2 Gb
    (Price Rp 5,500, – with an active period of 7 days)
  • Quota 3 Gb
    (Price Rp 7,500, – with an active period of 7 days)
  • 1 Gb quota
    (Price Rp 4,500, – with an active period of 30 days)
  • Quota 2 Gb
    (Price Rp 7,500, – with an active period of 30 days)
  • 5 Gb quota
    (Price is IDR 15.00,- with an active period of 30 days)
tiktok axis quota price (boostr social media)
tiktok axis quota price (boostr social media)

The code for the second tiktok axis quota package is *123*4#. Then you can choose a boostr package. Or it could be through the axisnet application. In addition to the social media booster, there is also a video booster package that contains netflix quota.

Axis Free Tiktok Using Axis App

Axis is one of the providers of cellular telephone network in Indonesia. Axis is famous for its always weird advertisements on television. In addition to cheap internet quota, Axis also often provides free internet quota bonuses. There are many ways to get free quota axis.

As a loyal person using Axis as the first choice for cellular network needs. you want to get How to Free Tiktok Internet from Axis. So, for those of you who have never tried some secret codes to get free quota from Axis, you can try some of the codes below.

The trick to getting free quota from Axis is actually very easy. There are several ways to use this method, including the following:

How to get 10GB free Axis quota without credit for tiktok

One way that you can use to get free quota from the axis you can do without using credit at all. Here’s how:

  • Unlock your phone
  • Open dial up then type code * 123 #
  • Press yes, okay or call
  • Check your quota and credit if the remaining quota is 0 (zero) then you can use this method
  • You can use this method with the help of hotspot first. Connect to your friends hotspot or open free WiFi first
  • If so, please download the free internet axis application
  • Open the app, then click VPN control at the top
  • After that change the url or protocol https SSL with number 443
  • Select and click ajustes SSL Avanzados
  • Use unlimited spoof and use port 2424
  • Click OK button
  • Turn off WiFi or hotspot, then connect with app

How to Get Free Tiktok Axis Quota

Use the Axis 2022 starter card and you will get a variety of attractive bonuses. One of them is the free tiktok axis quota of 30 GB. According to the official website, customers can even use the bonus for 60 days. Isn’t that ok? Here are the bonuses that you will get:

  • 6 Gb app quota
    (Gojek, Grab, OVO, WA, Line, Google Maps)
  • Call Bonus
    (fellow Axis and XL)
  • Bonus Sureprize 2 Gb
    (get it on axisnet)
  • Bonus unlimited gaming 30 Gb
    (ML, AOV, Morta Combat, FF, Vain Glory, Line Play, etc.)
  • Education Quota 30 GB
    (your school, udemy, zenius, teacher’s room, university website, ministry of education and culture website)
  • Conference Quota 30 Gb
    (Zoom, google classroom, ms team, Google meet)
  • Tiktok 30GB Quota Bonus
    (At 00.00 – 06.00)

How to Change Tiktok Axis Quota to Regular Quota

The name is also a special quota, of course this tiktok axis quota cannot be used for youtube, googling or others. But that’s only by default, in fact there are several tricks to change the tiktok quota into the main quota. The method is not much different from the general gretongan tricks. One way is to use the http injector application. In this case you also need to download the config. We will provide this tiktok quota http injector configuration for another opportunity. Just wait.

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