How to hack a cellphone with *21* 2022

How to Tap HP with *21*

How to Tap HP with *21* – If you want to know the contents of the Smartphone from your partner or closest person, you can really use the method that we will share this time.

Yes, we can say, if someone can never be separated from the name Smartphone, let alone apart from this one application, namely Whatsapp.

Because all HP users must use this WA or Whatsapp application to communicate both with family or partners.

It’s only open for daily chatting, but the WA or Whatsapp application is used for online schools and also for work when the pandemic hits.

If you really want to know all the activities or activities of other people through their Whatsapp or WA application, you can use the Smartphone tapping method via the Whatsapp number by using the code *21*.

You can get the results of tapping such as files, videos, photos, and even documents and all activities or activities on the Smartphone belonging to the person you have tapped.

If you are already interested, let’s go directly to how to tap a cellphone with the following *21*.

How to Tap HP with *21*

How to Tap HP with *21* Easy

How to Tap HP with *21*
How to Tap HP with *21* Easy

How do you hack a cellphone using the code *21*? This way to tap a cellphone via a WA number with *21* is the best technique for tapping the target’s WA account, which is quite popular.

And just follow the steps on how to tap a cellphone with *21* via the following Whatsapp number:

  • The same as the previous method, where you must first gain access to the target’s HP for approximately 1 minute.
  • Then activate call or call forwarding from the target’s cellphone to your cellphone by using the code *21* no hp# or *21*, this will be able to activate call or call forwarding.
  • Now, please open the Whatsapp application on your Smartphone, after that enter the target’s cellphone number, then click the next option.
  • And there, later you will have two options Call and SMS, just click on the call option after 1 minute.
  • Because previously you have activated telephone or call forwarding on the target’s Smartphone, later there will be an OTP call from WA which will be directly forwarded to your cellphone number.
  • Please answer the incoming call, and directly enter the OTP.
  • Later you will be able to log into the target’s WA account.
  • Finished.

Those are the steps that must be taken to wiretap a cellphone using the code *21*.

According to the information that has been circulating, by using the code *21* WA wiretapping, you can check whether your smartphone is being hacked or not.

The final word

To disable call forwarding or calls on the target’s cellphone, then you just need to dial the code ##21#, now that’s a way to hack Whatsapp with this code using *21*.

The term is that you forward a call or telephone verification of the victim’s Whatsapp code directly to your Smartphone.

So you can log in or log in at any time, even though the victim is aware that his Whatsapp account has been logged off from the device he is using.

That’s our whole discussion in this article about how to tap a cellphone with *21*. Hopefully useful and good luck.

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