How to Hack Diamond MPL 2022

How to Hack Diamond MPL
How to Hack Diamond MPL – Mobile Premier League or often called MPL is an application that offers lots of interesting and fun online games to play.

This MPL application is one of the largest mobile gaming platforms in India, around 60 million Indians have played games on this application.

In addition to playing games, you can also get Diamonds that can be exchanged for money, but getting Diamonds is quite difficult because you have to play games in the application first.

But did you know that now there are many ways that you can use to hack Diamond in the Moble Premier League or MPL application.

Do you already know how to get enough diamonds? If you don’t know how to hack, don’t worry.

Because we will give a trick or tutorial on how to hack Diamond MPL in our explanation as follows.

How to Hack Diamond MPL

How to Hack Diamond MPL Using MPL MOD Version

How to Hack Diamond MPL
How to Hack Diamond MPL Using MPL MOD Version

Now to do this MPL diamond hack, you can use the MOD application from the MPL application, namely MPL Pro.

This application can help you hack Diamonds easily, and can get the diamonds you want.

Before going to the stage of how to hack, you should understand what are the advantages of this Mod version of the MPL application.

A. Advantages of MPL Mod Version

Before hacking diamonds using this mod version of MPL, it would be nice if you understood what the advantages of this mod version of MPL were.

Here are the advantages of the Mod version of MPL:

  • This MPL MOD version can modify and disassemble the official MPL application so that it can multiply diamonds quickly.
  • Can manipulate and change the register link and also certain invire codes, so that they become hack or cheat codes that can be used to multiply bonuses.
  • You can use this MOD version of the MPL application without first rooting your cellphone.

B. How to Hack Diamond in MPL MOD version

If you already know what the advantages of the mod version of MPL are, then you can then hack by following the steps below:

  • First you download the MPL Pro application and also the Guarian game and virtual Exposed via the following link.

– (Download the MPL PRO Application)
– (Download Game Guardian App)
– (Download the Xposed Virtual App)

  • If so, then you open virtual Xposed.
  • Then you app and enter the game guardian and MPL application into it and install it.
  • Then you click the Strat button to start running Game Guardian.
  • After that, you reopen the MPL application and select a game to play.
  • Press the game guardian icon when loading the game you are going to play.
  • Also click the gg menu line icon.
  • If you have then click the X button to close it.
  • If the game stops or pauses automatically, then you run it again.
  • The last time you click the gg icon again, you will see the rhythm of the MObile Premier League “MPL” application.
  • Atu according to your needs.
  • Finished.

The final word

That’s the way you can use or try to hack diamonds on the Mobile Premier League “MPL” application.

You need to know, this method can work if you follow the tutorial or method above correctly and sequentially.

For more information, you can continue to listen to our website, so you don’t miss other interesting information.

This is the entire contents of our discussion this time about the article How to Hack Diamond MPL. That’s all and good luck

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