How to Hack Emote Free Fire 2022

In this discussion, we will share how to get Emote FF which is an in-game item that can be obtained.

Usually items are used to express your style in the game as it progresses.

This emote has a variety of shapes and styles that can be used, ranging from winning styles, dancing, to the funnest though.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many FF game players want to have these interesting items.

Discussion on How to Hack Emote Free Fire

To get Emote Free Fire for free, you can try a fairly easy way, even without using complicated tricks.

Playing FF games is not only about skills, but also about how cool your character is, from skins, characters, to emotes that really count.

Even so, most of the items in FF must be purchased with real money, including the large number of Emote FF items.

No need to worry, if you can’t afford it, because here we will share the technique with you.

For more details, please see how to hack Emote Free Fire in the review below until it’s finished.

How to Hack Emote Free Fire

1. How to Hack Emote Free Fire With Top Up

How to Hack Emote Free Fire
How to Hack Emote Free Fire With Top Up

The first way to hack Emote Free Fire that we recommend is by Top Up or without an application.

Congratulations, the Brazil event is still ongoing, so you can still get Emotes for free or permanently free.

Although how to use it you have to spend money to top up, but you will not buy the Emote because it has been obtained for free.

So, you can use the purchased Diamonds to buy other items such as skins, characters, and other paid Emotes.

To get all the free FF Emotes is also very easy, besides using a VPN you can also use the Proxy application on your cellphone so you can enter the Brazil Event on FF.

This event does not exist on the Indonesian server, which has already spawned an Event using the new Wolfrahh character gift.

Well, to get Emoter for free on this Brazilian server, make sure you’ve made a Top Up of 500 Diamonds during the event.

If the Top Up is successful, now you will immediately get the Remelexo Emote for free and also permanently.

2. How to Hack Emote Free Fire on Brazil Server

How to Hack Emote Free Fire
How to Hack Emote Free Fire on Brazil Server

Free Fire does often present various exciting events that sometimes differ according to the server.

One of them is a very interesting event on the Brazilian server.

However, what needs to be prepared to get Emote for free? For details, please see how to hack Emote Free Fire below.

  • Please cache and delete the data in the FF game first, to get you out of the account make sure to remember your E-mail address and FF account password.
  • Next, download and install the free VPN Emote FF application on the cellphone you are using (Download VPN App).
  • After that you can only connect to the Brazilian server.
  • You just login to the FF game in the usual way.
  • Then play the FF game for approximately 1 hour 20 minutes while the event is in progress.
  • You can also complete the other available missions.

If you play for less than 1 hour 20 minutes then you can get free Emotes only for a few days or Trial.

If you play for 20 menus you can get free Emotes for 1 day only, and if you play for 40 minutes you can get free Emotes for 30 days.

Meanwhile, if you play safely for 1 hour, then you get free Emotes for 7 days, if you want a permanent one, you have to play for 1 hour and 20 minutes.

The final word

Maybe that’s the only discussion we can share with you about how to get an Emote trial in the FF game.

You can follow one of the two methods which you think is the easiest and not too complicated.

Please follow each step carefully so that the process is successful, you can visit our website at Cara1001 to get other related articles.

That’s all our discussion in this article about how to hack Emote Free Fire. Thank you and hopefully useful.

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