How to Hack Facebook Using Phishing 2022

How to Hack Facebook Using Phishing

How to Hack Facebook Using Phishing – As you know, phishing is the simplest hacking technique.

Usually the hackers send a link to the target, so that the target will click on the link.

In addition, some Facebook users just check email messages is not possible every day so it’s better to send the link to their facebook inbox.

Phishing is also known as a method used by some hackers to steal someone’s password.

The method is also very easy, the hackers trick the target using a fake site that is very similar to the original site.

Actually the fake site is not very similar, but because the target is not careful and has no knowledge of phishing methods, your target could be trapped.

That is why you need to be careful and to overcome this, you can use how to hack Facebook using Phishing in the review below.

How to Hack Facebook Using Phishing

1. How to Hack Facebook Using Phishing Z-shadow

How to Hack Facebook Using Phishing
How to Hack Facebook Using Phishing Z-shadow

In the Facebook phishing technique, the target will usually be fooled through a previously created phishing web page.

This method is quite often used by hackers or hackers in carrying out their actions.

In addition, the phishing web pages used to hack the target accounts are usually in the form of fake login pages.

Making this fake login page can also be done using a hack script.

If you want to get a url link to download it, it is widely circulated on the internet, you can immediately search for it with the device you are using.

This phishing technique is usually done in disguise, hackers will usually disguise themselves in various ways, one of which is being an agency.

If the target believes, the hacker will then ask for personal data from the target.

How, very easy is not it? You just have to follow the method that we recommend for you in the following review.

Here’s how to hack Facebook using Phishing Z-shadow like the steps below:

  • The first step, open the Z-shadow Phishing site via the following link Click here.
  • If you want to create a Z-shadow account, you can select the “Sign Up” menu or login via your Facebook email.
  • Once registered, you will be immediately redirected to the dashboard menu.
  • Then, select one of the Phishing links that you want to send to your target.
  • If you want to use phishing links other than Facebook, you can also use phishing links on gmail, yahoo, youtube, instagram, and many more.
  • Then, select the language in the “Links” menu.
  • If you have hacked a Facebook account by copying the phishing link, you copy the link.
  • After that, you just share the link.
  • If you have sent the link, you just have to wait for your target to login to the link you sent earlier.
  • If there is an account that is logged in, you will get a notification from that account regarding the target Email and Password.
  • If you want to see it, you can click on the “My Victims” menu.

2. How to Hack Facebook Using Phishing Numbers

How to Hack Facebook Using Phishing
How to Hack Facebook Using Phishing Numbers

In addition to how to hack Facebook using Z-shadow phishing, you can also use the method below.

As for how to hack Facebook using Anomor phishing, as in the following review:

  • First, you can create a fake website to trick your target.
  • The site usually contains some required information, such as the email and password for the Facebook account used.
  • You can use a numbered site that you can access using your PC or Android smartphone via the following link: number site.
  • On the main page of the number site, you can select the sign up option to create a new account.
  • Then, fill in the verification column in the form of captha.
  • If so, you can login using the account number that you created earlier.
  • Then, you can add an image or text to convince your target to enter the email and password used.
  • In addition, you can add a Facebook logo using a URL and paste it on your phishing number site.
  • If you already have the site, then the next step is to just send the phishing site link to your target.
  • You can directly send the phishing link through the inbox.
  • If the target has logged in to your phishing site and filled in his Facebook account email and password information, then you can use that email and password to log into the target’s account.
  • That way, you have managed to break into the target’s Facebook account using the phishing technique.

The final word

For those of you who still don’t know about the world of hacking, you can try the method above because it doesn’t use a complicated method.

If you don’t have a computer or laptop, you can also use your smartphone to break into your Facebook account using the phishing technique above.

You just have to follow the steps above correctly because the above method requires accuracy.

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