How to Hack FB Mass Without Login 2022

This term is also usually referred to as a group hack.

To be able to target mass accounts, you must first install a special mass hack script in termux.

Well, in the discussion of this article, we will share how to hack FB mass using a script called MBF V2.

If this technique using MBF V2 doesn’t work, then you can try another script.

Discussion on How to Hack Mass FB Without Login

In this mass hacking process, there will be hundreds if not thousands of Facebook accounts that will be the target of Hack.

These accounts are the result of the Dump of the hack script used, usually sourced from groups and friends lists.

After the targeted facebook account has been collected, now all you have to do is determine the password.

That way Termux will look for facebook accounts that use the password that has been specified.

Maybe many do not know that this process is known as Bruteforce.

The downside of the technique is that you can’t choose to take someone else’s targeted facebook account.

While the advantages are that it is very easy to use to get a Facebook account without going through a difficult process.

How, are you interested in trying it? please see how to hack FB mass without logging in in the discussion below. Listen to the end!

How to Hack FB Mass Without Login

1. How to Hack FB Mass Without logging in to Termux

How to Hack FB Mass Without Login
How to Hack FB Mass Without Login in Termux

Because all the processes are in the Termux application, and for those of you who can’t operate it, you should learn how to do it first.

But for those who are already proficient, let’s just read and follow the steps on how to hack FB mass without logging in below.

Step 1: Install the Mass FB Hack Termux Script to Term

Open the Termux application and enter the following commands:

$ pkg install python2 git
$ pip2 install mechanism requests
$ git clone

“Remove the $ icon and click enter after you have written 1 command line.

Wait until the script installation process is successful.

Step 2: Execute Mass FB Hack Script With Python
First, open the script file so that it can be executed and use the following command.

MBFv2 cd

Then use Python2 to Execute Script and click the following command.


The script will run by itself.

Step 3: Choose Mass Hack Menu

There are 2 options, namely Group and friends list.

If it’s from a group, it means the script will collect FB accounts from a facebook group as a hack target.

While from the friends list, it means that the script will target all friends from a Facebook account.

How to choose the hack menu that will be used, namely the number 1 for the group and 2 for the friends list and click “Enter”.

Step 4: Login to Facebook To Collect Hack Target

We recommend not using the main account because it can be risky for Checkpoints to occur when logging in.

The facebook account that you use will be used as a benchmark for data collection.

“When selecting the hack option from the group, the script will collect the groups whose accounts have joined.

Likewise with the friend list hack option, the script will collect accounts that are friends with the FB account that is also used when logging in”.

To login, please enter your Facebook account email and password, if successful, you just need to specify the password.

Step 5: Set Password To Continue Mass Hacking

Consider 1 possible common and widely used password, such as:

Later the script will look for a Facebook account that uses the password you set.

If you are an account that uses an old password, then you will later appear as a result of the hack.

The final word

Thus brief information on how to hack a Facebook account without Login and with the Termux application.

This mass hack or group hack is usually done for some reason or just for fun.

For whatever it is, make sure you don’t use the main account to try it because there is a risk of Checkpoint when logging in.

In essence, the success of this hack depends on the password used, make sure to create a password that many people use.

That’s all our discussion in this article about how to hack FB mass without logging in. Thank you and hopefully useful.

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