How to Hack Google Account 2022

How to Hack Google Account

How to Hack Google Account – Every computer, laptop, or smartphone must use a Google account, because without a Google account it will be difficult to find your identity.

Having an account is a privacy that must be maintained and should not be known by anyone, including your partner.

However, with the development of increasingly sophisticated technology makes various crimes.

The simplest example, where your google/email account is tapped or used by someone else.

This must have left you feeling very upset and not knowing what to do about it.

Actually there are various ways you can do if your google account is back, one of which is hacking a google account.

Not only hacking someone’s account, you can also restore the Google account that you have that was previously used by someone else.

If you experience this, you can try how to hack a Google account like the review below.

How to Hack Google Account

1. How to Hack Google Account with Keylogger Application

How to Hack Google Account
How to Hack Google Account with Keylogger App

How to hack this one is fairly easy, you only need an additional application, namely Keylogger.

Here’s how to hack a Google account with the Keylogger application like the steps below:

A. Download the Keylogger application

The first step, you can install the keylogger application on the PC or Android that is your target to hack the Google or Gmail account.

For android applications, you can use the android keylogger application which you can get via the following link android keylogger app.

If you use a PC, you can use the Revealer Keylogger application via the following link Click here

You will need access to get into your target computer or android phone.

On most computers, the default password is admin or left blank without using a password.

B. Install the Keylogger application

After you have successfully downloaded the Keylogger application, then install the application on the device you are using.

C. Run the Keylogger Program

After that, you can immediately start accessing the keylogger application so that the program can record every keystroke that is pressed by the target.

You can also start accessing the keylogger application in different ways, depending on the device you are using to hack the Google account.

In addition, you can also set it in advance so that the program can record buttons if the program you are using has many functions, such as how to hack a Google account.

D. Wait for the target to use a cellphone or computer

After that, let your keylogger application access when your target is using his computer.

When the target uses his computer, it is likely that the keylogger program you installed will record various information.

Therefore, you can filter it by the window the target is typing in, that way you will get the appropriate information.

E. View Keylogger Keyboard Recording Results

The last step, you can immediately see the contents of the recording or taps of your target button.

Some keylogger programs will usually send a recording of every tap of your target button.

But there are also Keylogger programs that will ask you to send recordings from the target computer.

In addition, you can search for recordings that you think are the passwords used by your target to log in to his Google account.

2. How to Hack Google Account Remotely

How to Hack Google Account
How to Hack Google Account Remotely

Apart from using the app, you can also hack someone’s Google account remotely.

Come on, see how to hack a Google account remotely as in the following review:

  • First, you have to set up your target Gmail or Google address, so you don’t have to search for it again.
  • Then, visit web sign-in recovery.
  • After that, enter your target email address.
  • If you have entered the target email address, information will appear to create a new password.
  • Then, you can type in the new password you want.
  • Enter your email address to verify the account recovery will be sent via the Google account.
  • The last step, there will be a code sent for Gmail or Google recovery.
  • If the code has been sent, you can enter the code into your Google account.
  • Wait a few minutes, then you can change the password.
  • If the process is complete, then you have successfully hacked your target Google account.

The final word

That’s the information we can provide for those of you who are looking for a way to hack someone’s Google account.

You can use the above method if your Google or Gmail account was previously hacked by an irresponsible person.

In addition, you can also use the method above to find out the password or password from your forgotten Google account.

However, keep in mind that you must use the method above properly and wisely and not harm others.

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