How to Hack HP Via PC with CMD 2022

How to Hack HP via PC with CMD

How to Hack HP via PC with CMD – Command Prompt or CMD is a Windows default tool that can be used both online and offline, to access files on your PC or laptop.

However, did you know that CMD can also be used to hack cellphones through these PC devices, guys and the process is not too difficult.

Especially nowadays, almost everyone uses cell phones to communicate via SMS, phone calls, social media and others.

Apart from communicating, HP is also used for various purposes, such as installing m-banking, e-wallet and others, to make financial transactions easier.

Discussion on How to Hack HP via PC with CMD

So with a cellphone hack, the important data in it can be clearly identified by hackers.

Of course this must be watched out for by recognizing the characteristics and hacking processes carried out by hackers.

This hack process can also be used to hack a partner’s cellphone, which may show an unnatural attitude or cheating guys.

That way, you can find out all the contents of the conversation and can be used as evidence, when you want to confirm the truth.

Well, here we will share how to hack HP via PC with CMD that you need to know.

How to Hack HP via PC with CMD

How to Hack HP via PC with the Latest CMD

How to Hack HP via PC with CMD
How to Hack HP via PC with the Latest CMD

There are several steps or stages that must be done if you want to hack a cellphone using CMD through a PC guys.

These steps must be carried out properly and correctly, so that the process is successful.

As for how to hack HP via PC with the latest CMD as follows:

1. Accessing CMD

  • For the first step, open the CMD tool on your PC by pressing the Windows key + R then typing CMD.
  • Then write the DIR command and immediately press the enter key, to start the HP hacking process.
  • After that, write the command shutdown + i and you directly enter to confirm.
  • A pop up will appear then enter your IMEI number in the field provided and press OK.
  • Change the display warning to 10 seconds and in the Shutdwon event tracker section, there is an Option feature and please select it by clicking the Hardware: installation planed option.
  • Then the last step, fill in your own words and then click OK.

2. Execute the Ping Command

Running the ping command works to find out whether the host you are pinging is alive or active, guys.

If it is still active, then you can run the command below:

ping xxxx (x is the IP address). Ping to belongs to Google, you can try to do it

3. Run the nslookup Command

  • nslookup serves to resolve DNS to be the IP of certain mail servers and just enter the code below:

nslookup (enter)
set type = mx (enter)

  • This command will give you the email server used on the hacked target’s cellphone, so you can send fake emails to trap it.

The final word

That’s the way that can be applied, if you want to hack a cellphone via a PC device using CMD.

The steps are indeed quite long, but the success rate of the hack process is quite high.

If the hack process is successful, it is not impossible that all important data on the target’s cellphone will be obtained.

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