How to Hack Website Database with Termux 2022

How to Hack Website Database with Termux

How to Hack Website Database with Termux – For those of you who are currently looking for a way to break into the website database using Termux.

What’s more, website hacking is some of the hacking activities that can only be done using special tricks, because the goal is only to damage other websites.

Now, there are many special tricks that you can do, where in order to hack a website easily, what’s more, you only have an Android Smartphone.

Including one way to be able to hack websites using a Smartphone, because you can use the Termux application found in the Terminal application on Android.

Only by using the Termux application, you can operate various command codes in the form of a CD terminal on Windows computers and laptops.

Not much further ado, please refer to this article which will discuss how to hack a Website database with Termux as follows.

How to Hack Website Database with Termux

How to Hack Website Database with Termux

How to Hack Website Database with Termux
How to Hack Website Database with Termux

Here’s how to hack a website database with Termux:

  • First of all, you have to download the Termux application on your Android device or please visit it via the following link Termux App.
  • If you have finished downloading the Termux application, after that you install the application on your Android Smartphone just like installing other applications.
  • After that, you have to prepare a Deface Script that will be used on the target physical website.
  • What if you have, then you open the Termux application that was installed earlier and you continue by entering the code as follows.

apt install python2
pip2 install urllib3 chardet certifi idna requests
apt install openssi curl
pkg install libcurl

  • Next you must allow the Termux application, to be able to access the internal storage on your Android device by entering the command code as follows:


  • Then you move your deface script out of the internet storage folder on the Android phone.
  • What if you have finished how to hack a website using Termux, after that you have to download the “WebDev Exploiter” tool only by using the command code as follows.

curl-S – output

  • Then you just have to look for the target website that you want to hack, only by using Google dork in the search engine on the cellphone and also using the following code.

intitke:”Directory Listing For /” + inurl:webdav tomcat intitle:”
Directory Listing For ? ” +

  • Then you copy it to this URL on the website you want to hack.
  • What if the URL has been copied, after that you open the Termux application to be able to enter the command code as follows where you can start hacking.


  • In this case, the uploader file will immediately appear indicating that your deface script has entered the target site.
  • Therefore, you can confirm whether the target website has been successfully hacked or not using the browser on your JP.
  • The last stage, the appearance of the website will automatically change according to the command you just entered.

The final word

That’s roughly how to hack a website database, only by using the Termux application you can hack someone’s website.

Therefore, we hope that if you are successful in doing so, don’t use it wrong which can harm someone later.

Therefore, you should make this a form of learning because the way to do the hack that we provide is very simple and easy, you know.

That’s the whole content of our article this time about how to hack website database with Termux. Thank you and hopefully useful.

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