How to Hide Apps on All Samsung Phones Without Apps

How to Hide Applications on Samsung HP – Applications installed on Android are indeed used to help users quickly access what they want. However, there are many applications on the cellphone sometimes there is something that is private and does not want other people to see.

Hiding applications on all Samsung brand phones is quite easy, this method you can do easily on Samsung phones without the need to install applications anymore. Like locking the Samsung app, this app hide feature is also often used to keep the privacy of the user more secure.

Basically, Samsung phones have also inserted a feature to hide this application on all their Android phones. The feature to hide the Samsung application is called “Secure Folder”, where the user only needs to open the “Settings” menu and make some settings.

About Samsung Apps

Applications that are on Samsung cellphones or other cellphones can help you interact with friends, for example, such as File Manager, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook or others.

Not a few Samsung cellphone users have the application locked so that other people who borrow cannot see its contents. For Android smartphone users, it seems that they need to know how to hide applications on the cellphone they are using.

Digital applications that exist on our smartphones are indeed very supportive of daily activities. For example, for shopping, ordering public transportation, to communicating with other people virtually.

But for privacy reasons, many people want to hide some applications on their phones. Fortunately, nowadays all cellphones such as Samsung have a feature to easily hide applications.

However, Samsung phones only provide a feature to hide this application on phones with the Android 7.0 Nougat operating system and above, such as the Galaxy A series and Galaxy M series. But for those of you who use old Samsung cellphones, then you can try downloading the “Hide App” application or other third-party applications.

Want to know what are the advantages if you hide applications on android phones? see below

The Advantages of Hiding Apps on Android Phones

Before you can hide APP in Samsung Smartphone it may be necessary to understand what is the advantage of Apps in privacy and hidden.

Because by practicing hiding apps on Samsung Android, it turns out that it can provide benefits for you.

All Privacy is well maintained

Hiding an app will prevent it from appearing in the homescreen. So that when someone else opens WL you, then he can not see the application. So that your privacy can be protected.

Android app not deleted

Maybe we often accidentally delete applications. If the application that was accidentally deleted turns out to be an important application, then of course it will be detrimental to us. To avoid this, you can try to hide these important applications from being deleted.

Files on the cellphone become more secure

One of the functions of the application is to store various files. If the application is hidden, the files in the application will also be protected. This is useful for reducing the risk of data leakage or other important documents.

How to Hide Apps on All Samsung Phones

Almost every smartphone brings a feature to hide apps including Samsung. Not infrequently people take advantage of the hidden app feature of their cell phone to maintain privacy such as important data and files.

How to hide applications on Samsung phones can be done so that not just anyone can access important data from the Samsung application. In addition, this method is also commonly used as a form of alert when you lose a Samsung cellphone, so that the applications and data in it will remain safe.

We ourselves prefer to use the Secure Folder application which is available by default on Samsung phones, because it is more secure than other applications. In addition, this application can also be used to hide important files so that the privacy of the user can be maintained.

How to Hide Apps on Samsung Phones No App

Meanwhile, how to hide applications on Samsung phones is very easy. Because WL it has a built-in app named “secure folder” whose function is to hide various media including applications. The steps to hide apps on this phone are as follows:

  1. Open the “settings” menu then select the “lock screen & security” option.
  2. Then select “secure folder”.
  3. Select the “next” button and select “start”.
  4. Then go to “Samsung account” and select the “confirm” option.
  5. Next select the security options to be used. You can choose pattern, pink, passwordor iris scanner.
  6. Next, you can directly open the application in the application menu.
  7. Then select “add apps” and select the application to be hidden.

Many Samsung smartphone users are worried about the privacy and security of their smartphones, so many are looking for ways to hide important apps and files.

How to Hide Apps on Samsung Phones with Hide App

Citing the official Samsung page, you can also do this method to reduce the number of applications on the cellphone screen but don’t want to uninstall the application.
For that, follow the guide below to learn how to hide and re-add apps to the screen on your Samsung phone:

Download the “Hide App” Application

Another way that you can try to hide applications on Samsung phones is by using the Hide App application which you can get for free on the Play Store. You can see how these third-party applications work themselves, such as the steps to hide Android applications, especially the Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy J, Galaxy A, Galaxy M, Galaxy Z, Galaxy Note below:

  1. First download and install the Hide App application on your smartphone. You can download the Hide App application at the following link (Download Hide App).
  2. open the application then select menu “Add” which is in the lower right corner.
  3. Select the app you want to hide from the main menu.
  4. Click button “Hide” which will appear after you check the application, then the application you have selected will automatically disappear from the main menu of the phone.
  5. If you want to bring it back you just press the button “Unhide” on the Hide App application. If the user uses a Samsung that does not support this feature, then they can use a third-party application that is almost the same as this feature plus security assistance.

That’s’s discussion on how to hide applications on all types of Samsung phones, hopefully it helps

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