How to Hide Windows 11 Taskbar

How to Hide Windows 11 Taskbar

The taskbar is essential on every Windows computer. However, sometimes it can get in the way of us at work. With this method, you can easily hide the Windows 11 Taskbar.

The taskbar is a horizontal line icon on any version of Windows computer. This is the space that contains the important “Start” or “Windows” button. It also accommodates other important buttons such as “Search”, “Settings”, and other functions that the user deems necessary for their use. The taskbar also displays important info like date, time, battery, WiFi, sound, and notifications with icons.

As great as the Taskbar is, it can be unwanted at times. Not completely, because it will only hinder a user’s digital connection with their Windows 11 device if he or she is not familiar with hotkeys, but partially.

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In this article I will share 2 ways to hide the Windows 11 Taskbar, the first using Settings App and the second using CMD.

1. How to Hide Windows 11 Taskbar from Windows Settings (Settings App)

Right-click on the desktop screen and select “Personalization” from the pop-up menu.

How to Hide the Windows 11-1 Taskbar

Scroll down on the “Personalization” screen and click “Taskbar”.

How to Hide the Windows 11-2 Taskbar

Alternatively, simply right-click on an empty spot on the taskbar and select “Taskbar Settings” from the pop-up options to reach the same “Taskbar” settings page.

How to Hide the Windows 11-3 Taskbar

Click the “Taskbar behaviors” option at the end of the menu on the “Taskbar” settings screen.

How to Hide the Windows 11-4 Task Taskbar

Click and select the “Automatically hide the taskbar” box under “Taskbar behaviors”.

How to Hide the Windows 11-5 Task Taskbar

The taskbar will automatically hide when the cursor is not on it.

To show the Taskbar again, deselect “Automatically hide the taskbar” in the same “Taskbar” window.

How to Hide the Windows 11-6 Task Taskbar

2. How to Hide the Windows 11 Taskbar Using Command Prompt (CMD)

Press Windows+R and type “cmd” in the Run dialog box and click “OK” or press “Enter” to launch Command Prompt.

How to Hide the Windows 11-7 Taskbar

Alternatively, click the “Search” button on the Taskbar and enter “Command Prompt” in the search bar. Then select the app name on the left side of the search results or the “Open” option under the app name and icon on the right to launch the app.

How to Hide the Windows 11-8 Taskbar

Copy and paste the following command in the “Command Prompt” window and press the “Enter” key when done.

powershell -command “&{$p=’HKCU:SOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerStuckRects3′;$v=(Get-ItemProperty -Path $p).Settings;$v[8]=3;&Set-ItemProperty -Path $p -Name Settings -Value $v;&Stop-Process -f -ProcessName explorer}”

The taskbar is now automatically hidden.

If you want to turn off Taskbar from hiding automatically, enter the following command in the Command Prompt window and press “Enter”.

powershell -command “&{$p= ‘HKCU:SOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerStuckRects3’ ;$v=(Get-ItemProperty -Path $p).Settings;$v[8]=2;&Set-ItemProperty -Path $p -Name Settings -Value $v;&Stop-Process -f -ProcessName explorer}”

Can’t Hide Taskbar?

One of the main reasons why the Taskbar stays in place even after selecting the “Auto-Hide” option in Taskbar Settings is because there are apps on the Taskbar that need immediate attention either because they open automatically in the background or because there is a notification for you. Check this highlighted app icon on your Taskbar, open it, and close it again for the Taskbar to hide back automatically.

If you have an app that is also in the system tray, the Taskbar will still not be hidden as this app icon holds notifications for the related app. Check your system tray application icon. If there is an app with a red or orange dot, it means that app has a notification for you. Open the app, and the Taskbar will be hidden again.

Regardless of apps and their notifications, the Taskbar can get stuck in place due to system notification balloons popping up from the corners of the Taskbar. Close this balloon to hide the Taskbar automatically.

That’s the tutorial on how to hide the Windows 11 taskbar. I hope this article helped you! Thank you for visiting and don’t forget if you find this article useful, please share it with your friends too.

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