How to Login with Fingerprint in Livin by Mandiri Application

How to Login with Fingerprint in Livin by Mandiri Application

This tutorial contains a guide on how to login with fingerprints in the Livin by Mandiri application. In addition to the PIN code and password, we can also use a fingerprint or fingerprint code to access our Livin by Mandiri application account.

A fingerprint scanner is an electronic machine that collects a digital image of a fingerprint pattern and has been widely used in recent years and mobile phones are no exception.

The simple explanation of how a fingerprint scanner works is that it records a person’s fingerprint, saves a certain pattern, and then when accessed, it recognizes by comparing the stored data, and if it matches, the access opens automatically.

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This new method is now also used in the Livin by Mandiri application which is of course for a higher level of protection and also to make it easier for users, so they don’t need to enter a password and can log in quickly just by pasting their fingerprints.

Settings for logging in with fingerprints in the Livin by Mandiri application, which is an improvement from the previous application, Mandiri Online, in order to increase security and make it easier to enter the application without being complicated.

To enable the fingerprint login method in Livin by Mandiri, you need to enable the use of fingerprints in the app settings first.

But, before enabling this login method in the app, first make sure the mobile device you are using has a fingerprint scanner or fingerprint facility, and the Android system on your device is at least on OS 6 or higher.

How to Login with Fingerprint in Livin by Mandiri Application

How to Login with Fingerprint in Livin by Mandiri-1 Application

  1. For enable fingerprint loginfirst of all, go to Livin by Mandiri app by using User name and password your account, then go to the menu in the upper left corner, and click on Arrangement.
  2. Next on this settings page, click Login with fingerprintthen the terms and conditions page will appear, scroll down and click Agree.
  3. Next, a pop-up page will appear to scan the fingerprint that will be used to login, paste your fingerprint on the fingerprint scanner on the cellphone.
  4. If successful, a page will appear to enter the PIN. Then enter your transaction pin.
  5. If this setting is successful, then you will see check mark on fingerprint login, and you can already login using this method.
  6. And finally, you have successfully activated the login method using the fingerprint code in the Livin by Mandiri application.

Next time when you will login to the application, a pop-up will appear asking to enter your fingerprint, the page will appear automatically, but if the pop-up does not appear, then you can click the fingerprint logo next to the login.

Livin by Mandiri Mainstay Features

Block Card: If your card is lost or swallowed, don’t worry; You can use this feature to block it without having to call the Call Center or go to the Bank Mandiri office.

Check Emoney Usage: So far, you have not been able to view your E Money usage history; however, with this feature, you can do it.

Easy Pay With QR: Just scan the QR code at the cashier, and the amount will be immediately deducted from your account, eliminating the need for Top Up E Wallet.

Power Installation: This feature allows you to change the credit card transaction limit with the tenor you choose and the interest rate as low as 0%.

That’s how to login with fingerprints in the Livin by Mandiri application. Hopefully the tutorial above is useful for those of you who need it. Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to share it with your friends too.

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