How to Make 3D Photos in CapCut Using Pop Up Album

How to Edit 3D photos in CapCut Using Pop Up Album

Here’s a guide on how to make 3D photos in CapCut using the Pop Up Album effect. CapCut has added a new effect called Pop Up Album, which allows you to edit and convert images and videos into 3D.

This Pop Up Album Capcut effect makes it seem as if the person or object in the photo or video is out of the frame or frame. So don’t be surprised if this Pop Up Album effect quickly became popular on the TikTok platform.

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Since Pop Up Album is a new filter, you must first upgrade the CapCut application on your smartphone to the latest version before you can use this effect. If you are still using the old version of the CapCut application, you can be sure that you will not find the Pop Up Album effect.

How to make 3D Photos in CapCut Using Pop Up Album

How to make 3D photos in CapCut using Pop Up Album is very easy. For better results, we recommend that you resize your shot to 9:16 ratio, then remove the remnants under the person or object first.

1. In the CapCut app, create New Project.

2. Add photo which you have prepared to edit into 3D photos.

3. Tap photo clip in the timeline or open the menu Edit.

4. Categories Style will be displayed at the bottom of the CapCut application.

5. Then select Pop Up Album.

How to Edit 3D photos in CapCut Using Pop Up Album-1

6. Wait until the CapCut 3D effect production process reaches 100%.

7. After the process is complete, to see the results, press the button Play.

Overview of the Capcut Application

CapCut is one of the most popular video editing apps for iPhone and Android today. In fact, CapCut’s video editing is excellent. You can easily create cool videos on your smartphone.

All its best features, tools and effects help you to streamline your video editing process. Some of the cool features of CapCut are as follows:

1. Effects on video

This is a free video editor with no cropping and easy to use. There are several video layouts available with fantastic animations and effects. Visible transitions are also synced to the beat of the music. An unlimited number of photo clips can be used to create presentations.

2. Photo Effects

In the CapCut application there is also a 3D Cartoon filter that moves. You can use CapCut Slideshow Maker to combine images to create presentations with background scores. You can also combine multiple images into one video clip without reducing the quality.

3. Use of filters

You can use a number of filters to enhance the video to make it look more professional. Filters such as color and series filters, as well as various beauty tools, to improve image quality.

Filters can be useful if you already have a lot of clips with different variations of color, intensity, and luminosity level. Since most of them can be modified with CapCut, you can avoid using computer editors by choosing the right filters and applying them to the video.

4. Finish the video by adding music and text

CapCut is an image-to-video converter with a wide variety of soundtracks. Find sound effects that meet your needs while creating photo videos. By adding music to videos, you can also mix images with audio and edit clips with songs and photos.

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You can use more than 20 different text styles and add lots of dynamic captions to your videos.

That’s how to make 3D photos in CapCut using the Pop Up Album effect. I hope this article helped you! Thank you for visiting and don’t forget if you find this article useful, please share it with your friends too.

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