How to Make a Packaging Design Online

How to Make a Packaging Design Online

Here’s a guide on how to make a packaging design or packaging online with a templatemaker. Knowing how to make a packaging design is very important. In addition to knowing the costs required, also attractive packaging designs have more value in the eyes of your customers.

Packaging or packaging is very closely related to branding. If you already have a product but haven’t yet created a packaging design, now is the time to get started.

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One of the factors that affect the amount of sales or consumer interest in a product is the packaging. Therefore, in this article, we will review how to make a packaging design or packaging online.

Reasons for the Importance of Packaging for Your Products

To protect the product

The main purpose or function of product packaging is to protect the product from scratches or defects that can cause damage.

Furthermore, product packaging serves to safeguard the product not only during the distribution of goods from the factory to various distributors, but also when sold in retail outlets.

Product Information

The packaging of a product also functions as a source of information about the product, such as benefits, uses, taglines, and manufacturing techniques.

Everything can be incorporated into the packaging design to let customers know the benefits of the product; however, the most important thing is not to include everything before the design is complete, as this can bore the customer.


Many business actors conduct preliminary studies regarding the color scheme, design, and type of product packaging to be marketed. This is done in order to increase the scope of product marketing.

If you want your product to be in high demand, you can create a perfect packaging design for it. Because, as previously mentioned, one of the factors that support the success of these products is attractive packaging.

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Making a Difference

If you are selling the same product as someone else, product packaging can be a strategy to make a difference. The packaging will be your identity. So make the design as unique as possible.

How to Make a Packaging Design Online

Here are the steps on how to make a packaging design or packaging online. The name is also online, so you don’t need to download any application or software. Just visit the site I mentioned below.

1. First, visit the following site: this is a site where you can create a packaging design or packaging for your product online.

2. Select the form of packaging that you want to make. Here are available various categories, ranging from: Bag Pouch design, Square shape, pyramid, Box with lid, Cake Cutout Boxetc.

3. After determining the shape of the packaging, now determine size or dimensions. After that click the button Create.

How to Make a Packaging Design Online-1

4. To view other parameter options, please click More options.. This will open various parameters that you need.

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5. Once done, now specify output format for the design that you made earlier. Here you can save your design in the format: PDF, SVG, Cricut, Perforated SVG, DXF, PNG, JPEG and Perforated DXF.

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6. Finally, after specifying the output format, Now click the button Create again.

That’s how to make a packaging design or packaging online. I hope this article helped you! Thank you for visiting and don’t forget if you find this article useful, please share it with your friends too.

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