How to Make Beacons in Minecraft

How to Make Beacons in Minecraft

How to Make Beacons in Minecraft | Beacons are construction items in Minecraft that are used as signals and to apply influence to mobs/entities for example allowing entities to jump higher, increase attack speed and much more.

These Beacons or Beacons are not easy to make, and once they are created, they require more resources to work with if you want to get maximum efficiency out of them. This requires resources that are difficult to collect.

To create beacons in Minecraft, you need to spawn a monster that is hard to kill, namely the wither. You then have to kill the mob to get a nether star which is one of the three items needed to make a beacon.

Beacons are also commonly used by players as light sources, because they emit a light source value of 15


Here are the resources needed to create a Beacon or Beacon:

  • Five glass blocks
  • Three obsidian blocks
  • Lower star (nether star)

To get each of the above items, follow the recipe for each one given below.

Glass blocks

  1. Collect sand and coal.
  2. Make a furnace.
  3. Smell the sand in the furnace to get a glass block.

Obsidian (obsidian blocks)

Add water to the lava source block to get obsidian. You can add water to a lava pool or you can collect lava and water in a bucket and use it to make obsidian.

Obsidian can be made without a crafting table. All you need to do is pour water on the lava which can be done outside the crafting table.

Lower star (nether star)

Lower stars are obtained by killing Wither. These are the mobs the user has to spawn. To spawn Wither you need;

  1. Collect Soul sand. Soul sand is found at the bottom.
  2. Find a fortress in the Nether.
  3. Kill the Wither skeleton until you get three heads.
  4. Collect the heads and return to the outside world.
  5. Stack two soul sand blocks, one on top of the other.
  6. Place soul sand blocks on either side of the block at the top.
  7. Place the three Wither skeleton skulls on top of the three soul sand blocks.
  8. Wither will spawn.
  9. Get ready to fight.
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How to Make Beacons in Minecraft

Now that you have the materials, you can start creating beacons in Minecraft.

  1. Open the crafting table.
  2. Place the glass blocks in the top row.
  3. Place the block of glass in the first cell of the second row.
  4. Place the block of glass in the last cell of the second row.
  5. Place the nether star in the middle cell of the second row.
  6. Place obsidian blocks in the bottom row.
  7. Collect beacons.
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How to Use Beacons in Minecraft

To use the beacon, you have to place it on top of the pyramid. Pyramids are not supposed to be earth block pyramids. It must consist of one or all of the following blocks;

You can use all kinds of blocks to make pyramids. The iron pyramid will give you the same boost as the diamond pyramid. What matters is the level of the pyramid.

  • Pyramid level 1: Gives Speed ​​or Haste
  • Pyramid level 2: Apart from first level abilities, it also gives you Resistance or Jump.
  • Pyramid level 3: Apart from abilities from level 1 and 2, it also gives you power.
  • Pyramid level 4: Apart from the abilities of all previous levels, it also grants you a second ability or level up any of the other abilities.

How to Choose Beacon Capabilities

Players can choose the ability of the beacons. To select, right-click the beacon and choose how you want to upgrade or which ability you want to use.

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Beacons can be very useful as you can add potion effects to help complete tasks around. Beacons also act as reliable landmarks because they emit a beam of light into the sky that essentially pinpoints their exact location into the distance.

That’s the tutorial on how to make beacons in Minecraft. You can also find other cool tutorials about Minecraft here. Hopefully this article is useful and thank you for visiting.

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