How to Make Instagram Reels with Song Lyrics

How to make Instagram Reels with song lyrics. One of the most common content found on Reels on Instagram is videos or photos that are added with the sound of a song complete with lyric text. If you also want to make Instagram Reels with lyrics, good news for you because in this article I will discuss the tutorial.

how to make instagram reels with song lyrics

You must already know that on the Reels menu display on Instagram there is no menu that can add song lyrics text to it. That doesn’t mean you can’t make Reels on Instagram with song lyrics in it, yes!

There is one way to write lyrics on Instagram Reels. There is no need to use a video editor application such as KineMaster, VN, or CapCut first because you can directly create song lyrics on the Instagram application by using a feature called Story (Story).

Without further ado, here I will immediately explain how to make Instagram Reels with song lyrics on Android that you can learn and practice.

How to Make Instagram Reels with Song Lyrics

You need to know first, how to make Instagram Reels have lyrics using the feature story has one big drawback, namely that you can only make it with a maximum duration of only 15 seconds. In my opinion, this is not a problem because Reels Instagram content is supposed to be short.

  1. Unlock feature story or story on Instagram.‌
  2. Add photos or videos that you add song lyrics to.
  3. Open or tap the menu or icon Decal.‌
  4. Select and tap option Music.
  5. Look for the song you want to make a lyric text for, then select it after finding it.‌
  6. You can change the color, font type and animation, and decide for yourself which part of the song the lyrics of the song will be made of.‌
  7. You can also move the position of the song lyrics as desired.
  8. First, save the song lyrics that you have made to the gallery by tapping the button Download.
  9. Unlock features Reels Instagram then search and add the same song as before.‌
  10. Enter the lyric video for the song you made and save it earlier.
  11. How to make Instagram Reels with finished song lyrics. Lastly, you just need to post it.

If you still find it difficult to follow step by step making Instagram Reels with the song lyrics above, you can see a more detailed and easy-to-understand tutorial on the YouTube video that I have prepared below. Please watch until the end.

Now, that’s how the tutorial how to make Instagram Reels with song lyrics on Android which I can explain in this article. If there’s anything you want to ask me,

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