How to Make Money in Thetan Arena Game

How to Make Money in Thetan Arena Game

Here’s a guide on how to make money in Thetan Arena Game and how to play this game. Thetan Arena is a very fun new NFT game. In a game, NFT is a type of crypto technology that must be obtained, often known as “play to earn”. These NFT players will collect assets that can later be converted into cryptocurrency.

Thetan Arena is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game recently published for the Alpha Test stage. This game is completely free to play and allows users to earn money.

This game is meant to allow players to compete while incorporating cooperative skills.

Lots of tricky stuff set in different game modes, like MOBA and Battle Royale, and more. Fans will be able to exchange or get various gifts.

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And, according to the basic facts of the NFT system, users can sell items obtained from the two items in the game. Especially the thc token and theta coin, or thetan arena game (Thetan Gem).

Both of these items can be exchanged for real money. theta coin is an accessible currency, which can be exchanged for other players. Coins are collected through the game and can be used to purchase thetan Box.

Download Thetan Arena Game

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You can play in Thetan Arena without having to spend a dime. Even if you have no money or capital, you can make money in Thetan Arena. You can directly download Thetan Arena if you don’t believe it.

Mobile and desktop versions of Thetan Arena are available. Thetan Arena apk can be downloaded directly from Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or Thetan Arena official website. Thetan Arena can be downloaded here:

Download Thetan Arena for: Android | iOS | Desktop

How To Make Money in Thetan Arena Game?

It is very easy to make money in Thetan Arena game. You can collect Thetan Coin in this Thetan Arena (gTHC). Thetan Coin is the main medium of exchange in Thetan Arena.

Thetan Coin (gTHC) of this game can be sold or exchanged for other crypto assets. This GTHC can also be used to buy heroes and skins at Thetan Arena.

There are two ways to make money in Thetan Arena. The first is by buying Hero Thetan Arena and the second is by playing this game and Push Rank until it reaches the Bronze level.

1. How to make money in Thetan Arena by buying Hero

By purchasing Hero Thetan Arena, you can start the coin collection process. To buy Hero Thetan Arena, you must first set up funds in the form of a WBNB balance which can range from hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah.

This process, on the other hand, is very efficient in generating a large number of coins in a short period of time. Okay, for more details, see how to purchase Hero Thetan Arena below:

  1. Open Trust Wallet App and login
  2. Next, please login to DApps
  3. Type Thetan Arena
  4. Change Network from Ethereum to Smart Chain
  5. Click Marketplace to display a list of available Thetan Arena Heroes
  6. Find the Hero you want
  7. Click Buy Now

2. How to get money in Thetan Arena without capital

In addition to the methods above, there is a way to collect coins in Thetan Arena without spending a dime. However, collecting large amounts of coins using this method may take some time.

Even so, for those of you Thetan Arena gamers who want to make money from the game, this may not be a problem. To make money in Thetan Arena without spending any money, just do Push Rank until you reach Bronze level.

If you want to make a lot of money in Thetan Arena Game, you should get as much gTHC as possible. So, how can you get this Thetan Coin? You can earn gTHC by playing in Thetan Arena.

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You can earn gTHC after completing the contest. You will also receive gTHC as a reward or as a reward for your Thetan Arena rank. In Thetan Arena, the following is the order of rank:

  • Tutorials
  • Recruit
  • Private
  • Bronze
  • silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamonds
  • Master
  • Champion
  • Super Champion

The more gTHC rewards you earn, the higher your rank will be. When you play with step or advanced heroes and skins, you can get more gTHC. If you want to get more gTHC, you can buy new heroes and skins.

So, for those of you who have been waiting for this game to come, you should get ready to stand by and wait for a game that claims to make real money through game play.

Currently, the game is slated to launch in Alpha Test in Q3 2022, and is playable on Android and iOS devices, as well as PC. The game makers also claim that they are planning to expand the game to international esports championships.

How to Play Thetan Arena Money Making Game

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Thetan Arena is very similar to the Mobile Legends game in terms of how to play. In Thetan Arena, you have to prevent the opposing team from destroying your team’s base or turret.

You can use your skills to attack enemies. In this Thetan Arena game, you will win if you can destroy the opponent’s base. This Thetan Arena, like most other games, lets you socialize with your friends.

That’s how to make money in Thetan Arena Game and how to play this game. I hope this article helped you! Thank you for visiting and don’t forget if you find this article useful, please share it with your friends too.

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