How to Make RAW Videos on Android

How to Record RAW Videos on Android

Here’s a guide on how to make RAW videos on Android phones with the Motion Cam application. Now we can record RAW video on Android phones thanks to the work of open source camera app developers. The developer has made it possible to shoot CinemaDNG RAW 10-bit videos on your Android phone.

Quoted from MapPixel, Motion Cam is the first Android app to support RAW video recording. However, this feature is currently still in beta, and requires a smartphone with adequate technology to use. In addition, this application is currently not able to record audio.

Putting this limitation aside, here’s how to create and record RAW videos on an Android phone with the Motion Cam app.

What Are RAW Videos?

Video Raw (also known as raw footage, source footage or source video) is the grainy output of video or camera footage. This is unprocessed data from the camera’s image sensor. Due to the excellent photo quality that camera sensors can produce, most photographers prefer to shoot raw footage.

Because the footage is raw or unprocessed, it retains all the details, original colors, and actual lighting, which allows for many opportunities for modification.

RAW videos can be very large, and because of the lack of codecs that can handle this format, only a few applications can decode them; as a result, only some cameras can save RAW Video footage.

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This raw footage usually has a higher dynamic range than the footage automatically processed by the camera because the post-processing algorithm may not be very good or the hardware may not be able to perform this step adequately, resulting in a loss of quality.

The pristine data in RAW Video makes it more flexible for post-production work because there is so much to work with, unlike pre-processed footage, which may bias certain effects, making adding other types of effects more difficult.

How to Record RAW Videos on Android

How to make RAW videos on Android phones is very easy. You just download the Motion Cam app and you are ready to shoot RAW videos with your phone.

1. Download and install the app Motion Cam from here (free) or directly from the Google Play Store. Since it is an open-source application, you can also choose to sideload the application from the page GitHub -his.

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2. Once the app is open, switch to the section RAW VIDEOS from the bottom navigation bar. You now get access to RAW video mode along with options to control FPS, resolution, ISO, stabilization, and more. Select the appropriate resolution and FPS based on your phone hardware and press the button Records to start recording.

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3. After you record the video, the app saves it as a ZIP file. You have to tap the button Manage Videos in the top right corner to convert the ZIP file to DNG format.

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4. You will see RAW video files recorded in ZIP format on your Android phone. Next, you have to create a path to save the processed DNG file. Press the button Queue, and the app will automatically take you to your phone’s system file picker. Here, you have to create a new folder to store the DNG files.

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5. Name the folder and press Use this Folder to determine the destination location of the processed DNG file.

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6. After selecting the folder, the app will take you to the video management screen and start processing your videos. It will take a few seconds or minutes based on the duration of the video and the processing capability of your phone.

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7. Once the processing is done, you will find some DNG files in the folder you created to store the files. You can then import the file CinemaDNG this to professional video editing software that supports the format, such as DaVinci Resolve.

There was a frame drop when testing RAW video recording on the OnePlus 7T in default settings. If you are facing the same problem, reducing the resolution will help.

That’s how to record RAW video with your Android phone. I hope this article helped you! Thank you for visiting and don’t forget if you find this article useful, please share it with your friends too.

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