How to Nobar on Telegram, here’s the tutorial!

how to spread on telegram – Hello friends, meet again with the admin, on this occasion the admin will discuss about how to spread on telegram. For those of you who are still confused about how to do it, calm down the admin will tell you.

As you all know Telegram is a conversation application that is very similar to WhatsApp. You can download the application on Android or on a laptop. Now, the application can now also watch movies online, no need to pay and bother opening websites to watch movies online.

In this sophisticated era, you don’t need to leave the house to watch movies at the cinema. You can use the Telegram application to watch the movies you like. To search for films on Telegram, you can take advantage of the group and channel features that often share streaming videos for drama series and films that you like, you can search by title.

In the telegram app You can share videos that are quite long. Very different from WhatsApp which has a duration limit of only 2 minutes. And for those of you who don’t want to join the group, you can immediately search for films on Telegram.

How to Watch Movies Online

  • Login with your account on the Telegram Application.
  • Look for a movie watching channel. Click the search icon at the top. Then type in what movie you want to watch.
  • Start watching on telegram. The results you were looking for earlier will appear and you just have to join the special film channel that you were looking for earlier.
  • After that, you will be presented with a collection of online films of your choice.

How to Nobar on Telegram, here’s the tutorial!

how to spread on telegram

Watch together on the Telegram application

For you to know a fun and also fun way to share. This is the equipment you must prepare! You can follow the method or instructions below.

  • First you prepare the laptop.
  • Set up a projector or infocus.
  • Look for a large board or wall.
  • If all the tools are ready, all you have to do is login to the telegram web.
  • Find the movie you want to watch.
  • Finished.

That’s the short way for you watch together with friends or family. Admin is sure you must have understood and understood.


Maybe that’s all the admin can say about how to spread on telegram. By following the tutorial above, you will know how to do it. Hopefully useful and thank you for visiting, see you next time.

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