How to Overcome Forgotten BPJS Health 2022 Registration Email

The Employment Social Security Administering Body or better known as BPJS Ketenagakerjaan also took advantage of the moment by presenting its application service called BPJSTK.

Its function is to make it easier for each participant to access BPJS Employment services, starting from BPJS registration to checking the Contribution fees that must be paid every month.

Of course according to the type of health facility class selected at the registration stage.

The application is ready to provide all things related to BPJS Employment, but to be able to enjoy these services you are required to have an account on this application first.

And to register an account on an application that serves all information related to BPJS, you must include several requirements.

One of them is an active Email address!.

Email is the most important requirement for BPJSTK account activation, besides that you also have to complete several other requirements that are no less important.

Discussion on How to Overcome Forgotten BPJS Health Registration Email

Talking about BPJSTK accounts, not infrequently those who are already users of this application find several problems, such as not remembering the email connected to the BPJSTK account.

This is certainly an obstacle to accessing the BPJS Employment service application.

If so, what should be done? Take it easy because on this occasion we will try to discuss this information.

Before entering the main discussion, you need to know the cause of this application being inaccessible.

Actually there are several kinds, such as because you forgot your PIN or password and have more than one account.

If this happens to your account, you will automatically find problems when logging in.

To overcome Forgotten PUN or BPJSTK Password, maybe we will explain in full in the next discussion.

This time we will only focus on how to overcome forgetting BPJS Health registration email. Check out the complete information below.

How to Overcome Forgetting BPJS Health Registration Email

1. How to Overcome Forgotten BPJS Health Registration Email (BPJSTK)

How to Overcome Forgetting BPJS Health Registration Email
How to Overcome Forgotten BPJS Health Registration Email (BPJSTK)

To solve the problem of BPJSTK accounts that cannot be opened because they forgot the email address used, reset the account.

This method is the only way so that users can re-login and access the BPJSTK application as before. Immediately, here are the steps on how to overcome forgetting the BPJS Health registration email for BPJSTK login.

  • Please contact the BPJS Employment Call Center on 175 or 1500010.
  • Then tell the officer that you forgot the Email address used as the BPJSTK account and want to reset the BPJSTK account.
  • Later you will be asked to state data such as NPP, Full Name, Place, Date of Birth, Name of biological mother, Company and e-KTP number.
  • After all the data is provided, the BPJS Employment officer will immediately search for your membership data.
  • After finding the related data and matching it with the data you have, the officer will reset the account.
  • Finally, the account reset process is complete!

Please note that this account reset process can take days or even weeks so that your account can be used again to access the application.

The reason is that the problem with accounts containing users’ personal data makes officers have to carry out several procedures which are of course private.

The final word

Maybe this is only brief information that we can share with you regarding how to solve the BPJSTK account problem because you forgot your email using the account reset method.

Hopefully this information can help you and serve as a guide for those who are experiencing similar problems.

You can share the information in this article with friends, family or other relatives who may need the tutorial.

That’s all our discussion in this article about how to overcome forgetting BPJS Health registration email. Thank you and hopefully useful.

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