How to Overcome the Fund Application Can’t be Opened (Error)

Funds Application Unable to Open – Here Causes and ways to overcome the Dana Mobile Application Error Today’s Interruption – Some problems with e-commerce applications such as funds, OVO, especially for services via internet connections such as Top UpTokens, Payment Instruments, Bank transfer services are often a separate problem for users, especially Indonesian citizens.

Since the last few days until today, the Dana Application has experienced problems or errors on its web page or. So, Dana Application users are expected to be patient, it is possible that the Dana will update the application service again.

Ease of making transactions via the Fund Mobile Application because it is flexible and easy to do anytime and anywhere as long as there is an Internet network that connects the Server with Smartphone devices.

About the Fund Application

Just like OVO and GoPay, DANA is an e-money application to save, send money, and pay for household needs. This application is very useful for paying bills, especially considering that during a pandemic all public facilities are increasingly limited.

As an online payment application, DANA makes it easy for users to make transactions by way of top-up balances. However, did Buddy Brilio know that there are many ways you can increase your DANA balance for free? With these methods, you don’t have to drain the contents of your wallet in your bank account, you know.

Cause of Fund Application Error

If the Dana Application experiences problems, you cannot make money transfer transactions, or check balances via cellphone.

But at this time, the Dana Error Application and the web page cannot be accessed at all. What’s wrong with the Dana mobile application, why can’t the Dana application be opened and can’t login?

There are several complaints about the Dana Application error that can be installed on Android-system devices, Apple cellphones with iOS in them, smartphone phones and also Windows Phones, including the following:

  • The Dana application cannot be opened or run
  • Unable to activate Dana account even though there is an internet connection
  • Unable to login to the Dana application because there are devices that are still active. Login
  • The menu in the Dana application cannot be accessed even though the application is open
  • Cannot make transactions and check balances in the Dana Application and so on

If you like using the Dana Application but are still using the old version of the application, try to update it to the latest version on the Play Store or App Store, because there are some changes to the appearance in it, and additional features of the Dana Application.

How to Overcome the Disruption Error Fund Application Today

Apart from the Dana Application, you can also check your balance or send money via the official Dana website, but today there was a TODAY interruption. For this reason, the solution to Overcoming the Disruption Fund Application is that you have to do the following steps:

1. Sim Card Not Detected on Phone

It should be noted that each Fund Application is very concerned about the security of its user data, one of which is by detecting the location of the card.

To be able to use the Dana Application smoothly, after it has been successfully installed and can be run, never remove and change the card position from Slot 1 to slot 2.

The Dana application detects the presence of a cellular card that has been activated by the Bank in the first slot. If we change the cellular number such as in the second slot or on another cellphone, there will be a failure when trying to login to the Fund Account.

So make sure the cellular card that has been registered for SMS and Internet banking purposes must be in the first slot position.

2. Card Not yet Activation

If you are using the Dana application for the first time, not all cellular cards can be used for transactions because they must be registered and activated.

We also cannot use two card numbers that have been activated in one phone due to security reasons.

Except when we have two account numbers and only have one smartphone, then to use it we have to remove and install the card that has been registered in the first slot.

3. Internet Connection Disconnected

Many Fund Application Users who use this Application have problems being unable to check balances, CANNOT make payment transactions, transfer transactions or otherwise even though they have successfully logged in.

This is partly due to the disconnection of the internet connection on the cellphone. Even if it is disconnected for a moment, sometimes the IP address number has changed and will be detected by the server and application so that the transaction process fails.

So make sure that before opening the mobile application, our internet connection is smooth, such as checking whether the cellular signal is stable or not, or when using Wi-Fi, make sure the connection from the hotspot is smooth.

4. Server Problem Fund Application

Not only the Fund Application error problem is caused by a smartphone or application error, the Dana Server can also be doing maintenance or repairs.

To determine whether the Dana Application for Mobile banking transactions is problematic or not, the easiest way is to compare the property of our friends who also use the Dana Application.

Or you can immediately contact the Dana Application for some problems regarding applications and transaction problems. Dana’s customer service is ready to help you solve banking problems and the information you need

5. Troubled Mobile Fund Application

It is not uncommon for the Dana application to be damaged, whether it is caused by the system on a smartphone or it could be due to an error in its use.

If you have done several checking steps as above, try restarting the smartphone first and try to run it again. If you are still having trouble, please uninstall it.

After uninstalling the Dana Application, please download it again via the official Dana website or go directly to the google play store, do not download it from several market applications that can harm customer data because there could be malware in it.

6. Don’t Root HP

One more thing, a rooted cellphone will be detected by the Dana Application and will not be able to be used.

Although there are those who are desperate to use the cellphone root method and successfully run the Dana Application, this can endanger the customer data itself, because when the cellphone is rooted, there will be opportunities for intruders or malware to enter applications and systems.

So we hope that the problem with the Error Fund Application Cannot be Opened or is Interrupting is quickly resolved, because this service is so important for conducting financial transactions.

That’s’s information about the causes and tips for overcoming the Unusable Error Fund Application and interference today, hope it helps

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