How to Overcome Turbo VPN Can’t Connect, Here’s the Cause

How to Overcome Turbo VPN Can’t Connect — We often experience that our vpn connection is unstable or sometimes our vpn connection doesn’t match the speed of the provider used, many factors cause the vpn to feel slow and can’t even connect. Turbo VPN is an application that you can use to access the internet using foreign servers. So, you can access blocked websites if you use this Turbo VPN. Just like other VPNs, Turbo VPN is also not free from errors.

Actually, there are many VPN service applications that can be used, but the Turbo VPN application is the best choice for many people. Because Turbo VPN app is free without limitation, it’s faster, easier and more stable. However, it turns out that many users do not understand well how to use Turbo VPN on their Android phones.

Actually using the Turbo VPN application is very, very easy, with just one click you can use it to access various sites that have been blocked by the Indonesian government, you can also play games and surf the internet freely.

VPN for sure some of you are already familiar with this word. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a way to surf the internet anonymously and securely without revealing your real location.
However, some of these VPN applications are not all easy to use, such as Turbo VPN not connecting which users often complain about.

Have you ever wanted to access a site that you normally use but is blocked by the government? For example, like Vimeo, Reddit, or Tumblr? Don’t worry, you don’t have to worry about how to access these sites. Because we can access all kinds of sites that have been blocked by using the application Turbo VPN. What is Turbo VPN?

Application Turbo VPN is one of the most popular VPN applications among Android users. This application is available for free on the Google PlayStore, so it is no longer surprising that the application carried by Innovative Connecting has been downloaded more than 50 million times by Android users.

Turbo VPN Overview

Turbo VPN is a free VPN on Android that has quite a few choices of servers from various countries.
Unfortunately to be able to connect is quite difficult on some devices or on certain operators such as Indosat, Three, Axis, XL, and Telkomsel. For my cellphone, Turbo VPN doesn’t work connect on card 3 with error Connection timed out, try again.

Then how to deal with turbo VPN that can’t connect or won’t connect? The method is easy, like how to deal with a slow Smartfren, later I will give you how to deal with a turbo VPN that can’t connect.

How to Overcome Turbo VPN Can't Connect
How to Overcome Turbo VPN Can’t Connect

As for the reason why Turbo VPN can’t connect, I don’t really understand it, but it seems that it takes several actions, as I will share later. So if when using the Turbo VPN application you can’t connect, connect or OK, you just need to follow the method below and don’t have to think about why this VPN application can’t connect.

Some users sometimes experience Turbo VPN not being able to connect. Check out this discussion to solve the Turbo VPN error can’t connect.

How to Install Turbo VPN Application on Google PlayStore

1. First, please download and install first Turbo VPN app on your Android phone via Google PlayStore. As in the image below.

2. If you have finished installing, please proceed to the next step. Pay attention to the steps below so that you can run and access blocked sites.

How to Activate Turbo VPN Apk to Access Blocked Sites

1. First, please open the application Turbo VPN You.

2. Then, on the initial screen please click “I Agree” in order to continue the application. As in the image below.

3. Then to connect the VPN service, please click carrot icon. As in the image below.

4. Then a popup with a warning will appear. Please check the box “trust this app” first, then click “Agree” so that the application can activate its VPN service.

5. Please wait a few seconds. Usually 1-4 seconds and your cellphone screen will appear saying Connecting. As in the image below.

6. Then, if the VPN is active, then you will see an inscription Connected. And below that there is also a time that shows how long you have been connected to the VPN. As in the image below.

7. Done. You can access sites that have been blocked by the Indonesian government.

8. Please open the blocked site you want. For example, here I will open the site “”. This site has long been blocked by the Indonesian government. Here’s what it looked like before I connected it to the VPN. site cannot be accessed.

9. Then, after I connect it to the VPN, the site can be accessed. As in the image below.

Well, that’s how to use the Turbo VPN application and how to access blocked sites. The Turbo VPN application can be used on any provider card, such as Telkomsel, Tri, Indosat, XL and other provider cards. By using the Turbo VPN application as above, you can easily open and access all blocked sites in Indonesia.

Not only that, you can also use it to play games from overseas servers (but depending on the Turbo VPN server location you choose). However, for the convenience and security of your data, you should not use the Turbo VPN application too often if your business is not too busy urgently.

Why Turbo VPN Can’t Connect?

When you first open Turbo Connect, you can immediately click the carrot button to turn on the VPN.

That way Turbo VPN will automatically find the fastest server, then connect your device to the fastest server.

But sometimes the process of connecting to this external server takes a long time. Not infrequently this leads to Turbo VPN not being able to connect.

If something like this happens in Turbo VPN, then you don’t need to be confused, because we have provided a solution.

Cause Turbo VPN Can’t Connect

This Turbo VPN error is a natural thing to happen. There are several things that can cause VPN Turbo to constantly disconnect or not connect. The following are things that cause Turbo VPN to fail to connect:

  1. Your internet connection is not stable

This Turbo VPN of course takes advantage of your internet connection. If your internet connection is bad, then you will have a hard time connecting to the server you want.

  1. Turbo VPN server unstable/down

Sometimes Turbo VPN servers are down or unstable. If this happens, then you will also continue to disconnect when using Turbo VPN.

  1. Haven’t updated the Turbo VPN app yet

Connection failed on Turbo VPN can also be caused because you are using an old version of Turbo VPN. So you can update the Turbo VPN apk to the latest version.

How to Overcome Turbo VPN Can’t Connect

How to overcome this turbo VPN that can’t connect is very easy. There are many turbo VPN won’t connect solutions that you can try. Here’s how to solve Turbo VPN difficult to connect:

  1. Turbo VPN app update

Go to the Play Store or App Store, then update the Turbo VPN application. By updating, you will get the latest features that are more stable.

  1. Changing internet connection

Change your internet connection to a more stable one. Try using several different wifi or cellular data connections.

  1. Change server location

Change the location of the server you are using, do not continue to force connect on only one server. You can upgrade to Turbo VPN VIP to be able to get a wider and diverse server location.

  1. Try Other VPNs

You can try other VPN applications if Turbo VPN has an error. Use other VPN apps like NordVPN, VPN Master, Thunder VPN, and Kiwi VPN.

Steps to use Turbo VPN

1. Open the Google Play Store application first. Then type “turbo vpn” in the existing search box.

The Google Play Store will immediately display the Turbo VPN application install page. Click Install button and wait a moment until the process is complete. After the installation is complete, run the application.

2. When it opens, you will see a bunny in the middle and a button CARROT under the text TAP TO CONNECT.

Click on the carrot icon and the process of connecting to the VPN network will take place. Wait for a moment.

3. If successfully connected to the VPN network, you will see a screen CONNECTED.

You can also see which country the server is located in along with the IP. In addition, you can also see how long you have been connected to the network.

You can also test it directly by going to the site.

How to disconnect VPN network in Turbo VPN

Now, how to disconnect the VPN network? It’s also easy and simple. Open Turbo VPN app, you will see a square icon in the bottom right corner.

Tap on the icon and your cellphone then click DISCONNECT. Then, you will be disconnected from the VPN network.

How to choose a server in Turbo VPN app

By default/automatically, you will be assigned a server at random. If you don’t want to be randomized, you can also choose the server yourself. The trick, before clicking the carrot icon, you pay attention to the top right corner.

There you will see a globe icon. Click on the icon and you will be presented with a variety of server location options.

Click on one of the countries you want and Turbo VPN will directly connect your cellphone to the VPN network. It’s that simple and easy to connect to a VPN network with the Turbo VPN app.

Turbo VPN can be used for free. But of course you will find some ads in it. You can also subscribe for a monthly fee (when this post was made) of IDR 119,000 and IDR 890,000 per year.

How to use the Turbo VPN application is that easy. Just click once and wait for it to connect

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