How to Overcome Unable to Buy Indosat Packages

Unable to Buy Indosat Packages – Currently the problem of How to Overcome Unable to Buy Indosat Packages (im3) is trending on social media such as tiktok, youtube, twitter so many netizens are looking for it. Some use Indosat credit, some of them may experience problems. Can’t buy packages. Several questions will arise about why you can’t buy an Indosat package even though you have enough credit. Therefore, it is important here to find out some of the causes of this happening.

Indosat customers can buy internet package quota via dial code, marketplace such as Tokopedia, Shopee, Bukalapak, Lazada. Don’t worry, Admin will discuss these problems one by one.

Please note IM3 customers can also easily visit the nearest retail stores such as Indomaret, Alfamart, Alfamidi, and others as

Purchasing Indosat packages can actually be done through the credit they have. We can choose several choices of available Indosat credit packages according to our needs and desires

How to Buy Indosat Packages via dial code *123#

When the MyIM3 application crashes, users can use various dial codes from Indosat to buy Indosat internet quota or other services provided.

Indosat users can access *123# to buy internet and telephone packages. How to register for Indosat Im3 or Mentari internet packages can actually be done very easily.

However, you may have encountered a condition where you could not register for an Indosat internet package by not knowing exactly what caused the failed Indosat Ooredoo internet package list.

To register for an Indosat data package, you can use the dial-up menu *123# and the MyIm3 application or via SMS. Each offers the same convenience. You only need to choose the best type of internet package from Indosat that you want to use to meet your daily internet access needs.

  • Type the code *123# in your phone menu
  • Wait a few moments until several services such as internet packages, telephone, and others appear
  • Choose what you need
  • Continue until the payment process and internet package have been active

In addition, there is a list of other dial codes that offer various cheap Indosat internet packages.

But recently there have been a lot of questions about Why Can’t Buy Indosat Packages? even though the signal is full, the pulse is there. Want to know how to solve it, see more below

Why Can’t Buy Indosat Packages?

Insufficient customer credit Causes and Ways to Overcome Indosat Internet Packages Registering Indosat data packages can be done through the dial-up menu number *123# and the MyIm3 application or via SMS.

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Causes You Can’t Buy Indosat 2022 Packages

If you are having problems not being able to buy an Indosat package, there may be several factors causing it. One of the main causes of love is not enough. But what if the credit is sufficient, but still can’t top up the package?

So, of course, we have to look for other factors. Here we will explain some of the reasons why you can’t buy an Indosat package even though you have enough credit.

How to Overcome Unable to Register for Indosat Internet Packages Causes of Unable to Purchase Indosat Internet Packages When you try to register for a certain data package, and you have sufficient credit but cannot purchase an internet package Solution Unable to Register for Indosat Internet Packages (IM3).

Some time ago, when the author wanted to register an Indosat internet package, especially IM3, he experienced an error, even though the credit was already available. How to Overcome Failed to Register an Indosat Internet Package. In fact, from most cases, the following are some of the common causes of users not being able to register an Indosat data package.

There is a Network Disturbance on the Operator’s Side

There are times when internet package registration fails due to network problems. If this is the case, then you need to be a little patient while waiting for the operator’s network to return to normal so that you can register the Indosat internet package that you have chosen. You can identify operator network interference with the signal strength indicator on your smartphone. If the signal is often lost or not full bar, then there is a possibility that there is network interference.

The three things mentioned above are common causes of Indosat users not being able to register for an internet package. If you don’t have the above problems, generally the Indosat data package registration process can be done very quickly without any problems.

The active period of the number has expired

One of the first contributing factors may be because the active period of your number has expired. Even though your number has been filled with sufficient and many pulses, if the active period has expired, of course you will still not be able to use it for transactions.

So make sure you first check the active period of your current number whether it is still available or not. If it is already inactive or expired, please refill it again or buy an active period.

Registered in Other Packages

Sometimes If you are still registered in another package or previously purchased another package, then later you want to fill out a new package, this often also causes failure.

You may often not be able to top up a new package because it was previously registered to a certain package. Therefore, the solution is to disable the previous package first.

Indosat Server Error

The error problem on the Indosat server can also be one of the next contributing factors. So This is usually a common problem as well but it usually lasts a few hours or a few hours and maybe a day or two.

After the server is repaired, usually it will return to normal. You can also try to check or ask the call center from Indosat to find out the existence of the server or the problem.

Smartphone Network Mode Using 4G LTE

Often the cause of the failed Indosat data package list is due to network mode problems, where when the HP network mode is in 4G LTE Only condition, the internet package registration process will continue to fail. So, you need to change the network settings on your cellphone first to 3G or 2G (GSM). If the network settings have changed to 3G or GSM, then you can register the data package you want.

How to Overcome Failed to Buy My Im3 Indosat Package

Have you ever experienced or are currently experiencing problems or failures when registering for an Indosat internet package? Tried using USSD Code nor MyIm3 but still can’t buy Indosat package.

Tried many times but got no reply Please complete the previous transaction before continuing? Then what does it mean please complete the previous transaction before continuing?

How to solve the failed Indosat package registration? The following is the most effective way to deal with failing to buy an Indosat package:

Tethering / WIFI

When registering an internet package, try asking for a Cellular Hotspot (Tethering) or looking for a WIFI network. I also don’t know what or why to use Tethering/Wifi.
At first it was just an experiment, I tried to ask for a mobile hotspot from my friend, and it turned out that I was immediately able to register my Indosat IM3 internet package quickly without fail again.
I have often used this trick when I failed to register or check the Im3 internet package.

IM3 Card USSD Settings

  1. Previously, because Smartphone settings were different, please follow the general instructions given.
  2. open Arrangement.
  3. Then look for the menu Mobile Networkusually on the menu Other.
  4. After that change the Selected Network Type to GSM Only or 2G.
  5. After that, try to re-register the internet package you want.
  6. Finished

How to Register Indosat Internet Packages So It Doesn’t Fail

Now you know some of the causes of failed data package registration. Next, please try again to register the package with several options as reviewed below.

Register Indosat Internet Packages Via Dial-Up Number

  • Press the short code *123#
  • Select the internet package option menu
  • Choose the type of internet package you want
  • Confirm subscription package
  • Wait for confirmation SMS from Indosat Ooredoo operator

Register Internet Packages Through the MyIm3 Application

  • Please download and install the MyIm3 application via the Google Play Store
  • If it’s the first time using this application, the configuration page will appear first. (Just follow the steps).
  • Then you can check several lists of internet package options
  • Choose one, and please register the package you want.
  • You will get an SMS notification informing you that your package is active.

For information, the MyIm3 application can not only be used for registering internet packages. Through this application, Indosat Im3 and Mentari users can also check remaining credit, SIM card validity period, check remaining internet quota, and also product info from Indosat.

Thus the discussion of about How to Overcome Unable to Buy Indosat Packages and you can try to get answers to the question why you can’t buy Indosat packages even though you have enough credit. I hope this helps

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