How to Record Samsung Mobile Screen Using Default Applications

How to record screen on samsung phone

Here’s a guide on how to record a Samsung Galaxy cellphone screen using the default application. The latest update of Samsung One UI comes with a built-in screen recording tool. With this new feature, you can record whatever is on the screen of your Samsung phone.

Samsung now includes an easy-to-use, easy-to-find screen recorder tool on all Galaxy phones on Android 10 and OneUI 2.

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This samsung screen recorder app is quite reliable as it lets you not only record screen but also adjust settings on screen recording, such as: video quality, sound settings and desired selfie video size.

You can use Samsung’s built-in screen recorder app to record activity on your screen. Following tutorials how to record screen using Samsung’s built-in apps:

How to Record Samsung Mobile Screen Using Default Applications

1. Swipe down the notification area on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

2. Scroll right to the last toggle screen. Then tap + . icon.

3. Drag and drop Screen recorder switch from above.

4. Keep the switch in the desired position and press Done (done) in the below section.

How to Record Screen on Samsung-1 HP

Next time if you want to record something on the screen, you just need to open the notification switch and select Screen recorder.

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Before the system starts recording the screen, you will be asked to select sound settings. Here are 3 settings to choose from.

No sound: This will completely mute the sound and microphone on the phone. You will not be able to hear anything playing on your phone or voice.

Media sound: This option will include the sound playing on your Samsung phone. If you are planning to show any game trailer, you should use this one.

Media sound and microphone: This option you can use when you want to explain what is happening on the screen. Maybe you’re testing a beta app, or in a presentation. You can also use it to show the steps with voice guidance.

How to Record Screen on Samsung-2

Once you hit Start recording, One UI will run the countdown timer and start recording the screen content.

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Samsung Screen Recorder Features

Pause/Play Functionality: At any time, you can pause the recording and resume it using the mini player at the top.

Annotation: If you plan to display a certain part on the screen, you can tap the annotation button, choose a color, and start writing on the screen to record.

Undo: You also have the option to undo/redo annotations on the screen.

How to Record Screen on Samsung-3 . HP

Once you have finished recording the screen, you can access the recorded content from Gallery > Albums > Screen recording album.

Before sending screen recording to others, you have excellent video editing tools to create perfect screen recording content. Hit the edit button, crop the video, apply filters, add stickers, text and more.

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Change Screen Recording Resolution

Samsung, by default, uses full-HD (1080p) resolution to record content. When you record hours of screen activity, it might take up a lot of storage space.

You have the option to set the default video resolution from the Settings menu.

Navigate to Settings > Advanced features > Screen capture and screen recorder menu. Select Video quality from the Screen recorder menu and tap Medium (720p) or Low (480p).

How to Record Screen on Samsung-4 . HP

That’s how to record the screen on a Samsung Galaxy cellphone. I hope this article helped you! Thank you for visiting and don’t forget if you find this article useful, please share it with your friends too.

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