How to Register a Smartfren Card without a KK and KTP 2022

However, regardless of the type of provider, of course you have to register the card first before using it.

This is also stated in the government’s decision to register the card used.

Like the Smartfren card, which is also required to register first, both old and new cards.

If this is not done, the predana card used will be blocked. Then how to register the Smartfren card?

Actually, to get this Smartfren card, you can do it yourself at home, because registration for a Smartfren starter card can be done easily.

As is well known, since last year, Kominfo, Cellular Operators, and the Ministry of Home Affairs have provided socialization to the public regarding the obligation to register on their respective starter packs.

Do you already know how to register an easy Smartfren card? To register this Smartfren starter pack, of course, you must comply with the existing provisions.

Generally, this registration can be done with a KK and NIK number, both of which must be prepared before registering the starter card used.

You can register it quickly, briefly and easily according to the instructions.

Discussion on how to register a smartfren card without a KK and ID card

To register for a Smartfren prepaid card, you can use several methods, such as going directly to Smartfren outlets, via SMS, through the official website and so on.

Registration of this card must be done according to the regulations, if you still don’t register it, then don’t be surprised if the number automatically cannot be used or is gradually blocked.

For starters, this card is required for all circles. Then what if the SIM card is new?

The number on the SIM card will not be active as long as it has not been registered using the data as above.

That’s why, on this occasion we will explain about how to register a Smartfren card without a KK and KTP. Please see in full below.

How to Register Smartfren Card without KK and KTP

1. How to Register a Smartfren Card without the Latest KK and KTP

How to Register Smartfren Card without KK and KTP
How to Register a Smartfren Card without the Latest KK and KTP

As it is known that registration can be carried out through each operator’s outlets, SMS or their respective official websites.

For how to register a Smartfren card via SMS, you only need to send a message by filling in the data for the Family Card Number, valid Population Registration Number to Number 4444.

Of course, you can do this yourself from home, the policy regarding prepaid cards from Kominfo does have provisions in the form of data from your KK and KTP.

But what if you don’t have an identity card because you are a student? That’s why the method via SMS to 4444 sometimes can’t be applied by some people.

However, if you are a student who does not have an ID card, then there is no need to be confused and worried about registering your Smartfren card.

You can apply the method online through the official website of Smartfren itself.

This Smartfren prepaid card registration certainly has the benefit of preventing us from things that are detrimental and misuse of data from consumers themselves.

Not only that, there are also other benefits such as making it easier for service providers to register online with cellular phone consumers.

Below is an explanation of how to register a Smartfren card without a KK and ID card, easy and complete, as follows:

A. Via Online

The first Smartfren prepaid card registration method can be done online, you only need to visit the official Smartfren website, here are the steps.

  • Go to the official Smartfren website.
  • Then enter the phone number you use for the next registration process.
  • Then enter the 16-digit KTP number or you can upload your e-KTP photo.
  • Please select the type of verification to be used, such as SMS, PUK or Activation Code.
  • After that, this verification data is entered as a sign of verification on your Smartfren number.
  • Please upload your family card or enter your 16 digit family card number.
  • Finally, enter another number on the cellphone you have.

B. Via SMS

For the next Smartfren card registration method, namely via SMS, the Smartfren prepaid card registration method via SMS is also done by sending a message to 4444 with the format NIK#KK#.

However, if you want to re-register Smartfren on the card you are using, the SMS format is as follows: ULANG#NIK#KK# and send it to number 4444.

The final word

This is brief information regarding how to register a Smartfren prepaid card easily and completely, this registration is carried out in accordance with the socialization of the Kominfo and other relevant agencies.

For those of you who want to register but do not have an ID card, please try to register using one of the appropriate and required methods.

You can share this article with friends or relatives who also need the information and tutorials.

That’s all our discussion in this article about how to register a Smartfren card without a KK and KTP. Thank you and hopefully useful.

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