How to Register for the Latest Jakarta Online DTKS 2022

How to Register for DTKS Jakarta Online – here is the link for DTKS jakarta go id – The Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta is currently opening registration for DTKS Online 2022 from February 1, 2022 to February 20, 2022.

The Integrated Social Welfare Data (DTKS) is data that is used as a reference for the distribution of social assistance.

If you need social assistance such as KJP Plus, KPDJ, KLJ, PKH, and other assistance, then you must have DTKS.

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You can directly register for DTKS 2022 online by listening carefully to the discussion this time.

About Integrated Social Welfare Data (DTKS)

The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government has opened registration for the Social Welfare Integrated Data (DTKS) for residents of the capital city who are categorized as poor on February 1-20.

DTKS is one of the references for the provision of social assistance (Bansos) to meet the basic needs of the community sourced from the APBN whose programs are in the form of the Family Hope Program (PKH) and Non-Cash Food Assistance (BPNT).

How to Register Online DTKS Jakarta

What is DTKS? DTKS is data used by the Government as a reference for distributing social assistance, both social assistance sourced from the APBD and APBN.

Quoted from the upload regarding DTKS on the official Instagram account of the DKI Provincial Government, registration is done online via the site.

For residents who experience problems with online registration, they can directly come to the village office according to their domicile by bringing their original KTP and Family Card (KK).

DKTKS includes data on Social Welfare Service Needs (PPKS) as well as Social Assistance and Empowerment Recipients and Social Welfare Potentials and Resources (PSKS).

The population registered in the DTKS is 40% of the population with the lowest social welfare status. So that much of their assistance is distributed to those who are already registered in the DTKS.

You don’t need to be confused if you haven’t registered with DTKS. If you feel you need help from the government, then you can immediately register for DTKS Jakarta online.

Keep in mind that registration for DTKS Jakarta Go Id will only last until February 20, 2022. So you must register immediately, before the registration time is closed by the Jakarta Provincial Government.

Registration for DTKS can be done through the official website of DTKS Jakarta. Here is the registration link for DTKS Jakarta:

Meanwhile, not all households in Jakarta can register with DTKS via the website.

There are a number of conditions that must be met for residents who want to register themselves and their families into the DTKS in Jakarta, namely:

  1. DKI Jakarta ID card holder
  2. There are no household members who are permanent employees of BUMN, civil servants, TNI-Polri, or members of the DPR-DPRD
  3. Households who do not own land or land and buildings with a tax object selling value (NJOP) of more than IDR 1 billion
  4. The main water source used by households for drinking is not branded bottled water
  5. Households don’t have a car
  6. Assessed poor by the local community

Later the data that has been registered will be processed and checked by the DKI Population and Civil Registry Office. Next, the data is processed again and discussed in the village meeting.

Furthermore, the data is processed and checked again by the DKI Regional Revenue Agency. Then the data will be set as a fixed target and inputted into the system.

Only after that the names in the DTKS will be approved and determined by the Ministry of Social Affairs as beneficiaries.

How to Register DTKS Jakarta

How to register for DTKS you must prepare a device in the form of a cellphone, laptop, or computer as well as the internet. After that you can immediately register DTKS Online.

The following is a tutorial on how to register for DTKS Jakarta 2022:

  1. Open the browser, then you can enter the site at link above
  2. Create an account by clicking the Register button, then enter your NIK, full address, email, and telephone.
  3. After registering you can login by entering your email or NIK and password.
  4. Click the New Registration button, after that you can fill in complete data on family members and household information.
  5. Then you can click the Submit button.

That’s how to register DTKS Jakarta Go Id online. Thus the discussion of regarding the online registration of DTKS Jakarta, hopefully it will be useful!

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