How to Remove Filters on Instagram Stories Easily

How to Remove Filters on Instagram is actually very easy. But the problem is that many Instagram users don’t know it. Therefore, we will guide you until you can delete Instagram filters that are already stored in your story camera. Make sure you read this to the end for clarity.

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We ourselves found there are 2 ways to remove Instagram filters. So you can use it so that the Instagram filters that you have saved can be deleted from there. This is because when you continue to get Instagram filters they will be saved to the left and right of the shutter button when you use your Story camera.

This of course will be annoying because looking for the most suitable Instagram filter can’t be as fast as we want. Therefore, you must know how to delete saved Instagram filters. Hopefully with our explanation you will know the complete procedure.

How to Remove Filters on Instagram in 2 Ways

Below we will explain to you two easy ways to remove Instagram filters. Of course these two ways are continuous. This means that the first way and the second way are things you need to do simultaneously. So you have to make sure it goes right.

How to Remove Filters on Instagram
How to Remove Filters on Instagram

The first way later you have to uncheck the save effect on your Instagram filter. Then the second way is connected by selecting the menu More > Delete on the Instagram filter that you want to remove from the range of Instagram filters you have.

For step by step of each of the methods above we have prepared below. You just have to follow it carefully to make this Instagram filter removal procedure easier. Just take a look and try it when you read this article.

How to Remove Instagram Filters with Unmark Save Effect

The first way you have to do is quite easy to remove the Instagram filter, namely you have to uncheck the save effect. This way.

  • Go to your Instagram.
  • Open your Story camera.
  • Now navigate to the Instagram filter that you want to remove.
  • Tap below it that says the name of the effect and the creator.
  • When the screen rises a little, please select Saved on the far left to become Unsaved.
  • This way, the Instagram filter has been removed from your possession.

However, the problem is still not over. When you stop not saving the Instagram filter it doesn’t mean that the Instagram filter will be removed from your story camera.

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The Instagram filter is still in your story camera, only what was to the left of the shutter button will become to the right of the shutter button. Now then, you have to follow the steps below to be able to remove the permanent Instagram filter from your story camera. Permanent here doesn’t mean we remove the filters made by people, just permanent so that they are not in your story camera.

How to Remove Instagram Filters Completely

If you have done the steps above but the Instagram filter is still stubborn, please try the following.

  • Go to your Instagram.
  • Open your Ig story camera.
  • Navigate to your existing Instagram effects/filters Unsaved earlier.
  • Then tap on the name of the filter and its maker which is below the shutter button.
  • select More / Other then you can choose Delete / Delete.

That way, the process of removing filters on Instagram is complete and complete. Make sure that you do these two things if you want to reduce the Instagram filters that you have saved on your ig.

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Actually, without having to go through the first method, you can immediately follow the second step above. So go directly to the Other section then you select delete without going through the method unsaved effect first.


We think it’s enough first how to remove filters on Instagram. If you have any questions please comment below. We will answer it as soon as possible for all of you.

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