How to Report Pre-Employment Certificate to Tokopedia

How to Report Pre-Employment Certificate to Tokopedia

After training and participation in webinar sessions by pre-employment card participants, the next step is to submit an assessment and analysis to payment partners as one of the requirements for the certificate to be processed into a pre-employment card. In the example of this article, I assume that you bought the training at Tokopedia.

Of course, nothing is as simple as it seems; it takes some tricks and caution when choosing a training to receive a certificate quickly. Time accuracy is needed to achieve this identity, because the implications if it is not correct will be fatal. It is possible that the long-awaited certificate will not appear on the pre-employment card dashboard, causing delays in the incentive fund disbursement process.

Therefore, on this occasion I will explain to you how to report a Pre-Employment Certificate from the Training Institute (Tokopedia).

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How to Report Pre-Employment Certificate to Tokopedia

If you believe that you have completed all the training materials and webinar sessions, the first thing you can do is contact the training partner to report the problem. Later you will be notified whether your certificate has been sent to the payment partner or not.

Tokopedia can be contacted via Facebook by sending a direct message. Or, you can contact Tokopedia Customer Service. Complaints and reports sent to the official Tokopedia account will be served by Tokopedia CS.

It’s very easy to report a pre-employment certificate to Tokopedia, you just have to follow the steps given below:

  1. To report a pre-employment certificate to Tokopedia, use account created when purchasing training to enter the Tokopedia website or application. Then, in the lower right corner, select Account (person logo)then select menu Topup & billing.
  2. At this stage, your purchase details will appear, and now select Tokopedia Care by clicking three dots in your buying corner.
  3. Then you press, “I’m having problems with digital transactionsThen scroll down until you find the connection at the bottom which says “contact the Tokopedia Care team” and click.
  4. The last step is write about obstacles You are at the webinar, and attach a screenshot of your certificate with a clearly identifiable date of completion of the training. If there is, provide evidence that the training partner has provided a certificate to Tokopedia (usually you get it via email if you have previously reported problems with a training partner).
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You can also report a pre-employment certificate to Tokopedia via Facebook, here are the steps:

  1. open Facebook account bro and search Tokopedia official account or you can directly visit from here.
  2. After that select Tokopedia Facebook account which already has a blue check mark next to it.
  3. To send a certificate report to Tokopedia, press the button Send Message.
  4. Bro type specifically the problem you are having with your Pre-Employment certificate.
  5. Also, provide more details about the Pre-employment training you received.
  6. You can wait a while after sending the certificate report format to Tokopedia so that the Tokopedia admin can respond to your request.
  7. The Tokopedia admin or customer service will guide you regarding the Prakjera certificate, so you can follow the steps given by the Tokopedia admin.
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Cause the Certificate Doesn’t Appear on the Pre-Employment Card Dashboard

  • A data error occurred. For example, incorrectly entering the name on the training platform.
  • On training platforms and pre-employment accounts, use different phone numbers and emails.
  • Purchase training using someone else’s identity on the training platform account.
  • The training platform sent certificates to pre-employment management incorrectly or late.
  • You haven’t finished all the instructional video chapter sessions.
  • Have not completed the training exam.
  • Haven’t signed up for the webinar yet.
  • Have completed the training in its entirety but have not provided a review and rating on the training platform.
  • Data mismatch between pre-employment management and training platform.

That’s how to report a pre-employment certificate to Tokopedia. Hopefully the tutorial above is useful for those of you who need it. Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to share it with your friends too. See also in Tutorial category to find other important tutorials.

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