How to Sell NFT Photos on with Expensive Prices

How to Sell NFT Photos on – currently a young man who sells his selfie photos on NFT is viral has reached billions of rupiah. So, what is the name of the application for making and selling NFT which is currently viral?

A young man known as Ghozali, managed to sell his selfie photos in the form of NFT or non-fungible tokens up to 9 billion rupiah which became the spotlight of netizens.

Entering the world of Metaverse, NFT is a new trend nowadays. In this world, you can sell everything digitally from artistic works to digital locations.

Yes, the viral Ghozali Everyday NFT then inspired various groups to sell their digital works in the form of this no-fungible token. Then how to sell it?

What is NFT?

NFT or Non-Fungible Token is one of the digital assets in crypto currency. NFT is used as proof of ownership of goods that can be purchased using cryptocurrencies.

Goods that can be traded in NFT are generally works of art, video clips, music and various other things in various formats such as JPG, PNG, GIF or MP4.

Not only for certain circles, anyone can transact in NFT. You are no exception. You can also sell or buy NFT through the NFT trading platform or site.

Ghozali’s viral status made many netizens want to imitate what he did. Then, what application is used to create and sell NFT to earn money?

Applications Make NFT

NFT itself is a digital asset which is usually in the form of photos, videos, gifs, or other digital works of art. In NFT you can sell or buy these works with the Etherium blockchain.

To create your own work that can be sold as NFT. You can create works using applications or software from the type of NFT that you want to market online.

For example, if you want to sell vector or photo works, you can edit your work through applications such as Corel Draw, Photoshop, PicsArt or other editing applications.

So basically the application makes NFT you can choose based on the type of NFT you are going to sell. The more interesting your work, the more potential your work will be noticed by others.

NFT Photo Selling App

If you have created or have work that you want to sell as an NFT, be it in the Art, Video, Photography and other categories. Maybe now you are confused where to sell it.

To sell your NFT work, you can market your NFT work through the site. is one of the largest marketplaces for buying and selling or NFT transactions today.

However, when buying and selling on this NFT photo app, you will be charged a fee in the form of ETH when you first publish your NFT work on this site.

This is because transactions on the site itself use the ETH blockchain. So, users will be charged gas fees or gas fees when making transactions.

How to Sell NFT on OpenSea for Free Without Gas Fee

As is known, to be able to sell NFT on OpenSea via the Etherium blockchain, a gas fee or gas fee is required. Then, how to sell NFT on Opensea for free without gas fee?

  1. The first step, make sure you have a MetaMask account or other wallet that can accommodate ETH
  2. Then, go to the site, then click Create
  3. Select the wallet you use to store the NFT sales
  4. After that, input the NFT you want to sell (photo, video, audio or 3D work)
  5. Enter name, description, supply and various other necessary information
  6. Now on the Blockchain section, change Etherium to polygon
  7. After that, click Create.
  8. Click button Sell to sell it, then set the price in ETH and the time period for the sale to be made
  9. Finally, click Complete Listing.

After that, you have successfully marketed your NFT on OpenSea without any gas fees. Next, you just need to wait for your NFT to sell out. The sales balance will go directly to your wallet.

You need to know, even though it’s free, you will still be charged 2.5 percent of profits by OpenSea. A fee will be charged after your NFT is sold on OpenSea. That’s the discussion of about How to Sell NFT Photos on (NFT Application), hope it helps


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