How to Share PPT on Zoom Cloud Meeting Easy

How to share PPT on Zoom — Most users Zoom app Of course they really want to be able to display ppt in their respective Zoom applications when giving material. Therefore, in this post we will try to help you all related to how to display power points on Zoom.

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Although the Zoom application has received criticism because it is prone to hacking and its data is sold illegally, in fact until now Zoom is still the main choice for conducting online meetings or online classes. So, for those of you who use Zoom as a means for online classes and want to share PPT on Zoom, you can follow our explanation.

Immediately, then we will try to discuss in more detail about how to share PPT on Zoom. You must follow our explanation carefully because it will be successful quickly. If you make a mistake, please just repeat it so you know.

How to share PPT on Zoom is very easy

If you want to share PPT on Zoom, you have to prepare your power point that you want to display during online classes. That way, you can definitely share PPT during classes or online meetings.

How to share PPT on Zoom
How to share PPT on Zoom

This is because there are several options if you want to share PPT to your Zoom meeting. You can choose the right share according to your needs. We think Zoom is much more interesting than Google Meet in this regard.

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Now to be clearer step by step how to display ppt on Zoom, you can try as below. Hopefully what we provide can be material for you to be able to display material in ppt form on Zoom.

How to display PPT in Zoom Meeting

The steps are more or less like the following.

  • First you have to open the PPT first
  • Then you can start to enter your Zoom.
  • Continue by clicking share screen on the meeting control option.
  • Then you please select the power point window that is already open > tap share.
  • When you share screen, you can change your PPT presentation mode to slide show by clicking the “Slide Show” tab > selecting “From Beginning”.

In this way, it is clear that you can definitely share your power point screen on Zoom. You can change what was shared because of the wrong material, for example by tapping “Display Settings” > “Swap Presenter View and Slide Show View”.

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That’s our explanation of how to share PPT screen on Zoom. Hope it is useful. If you have any questions, please contact us via the comments column that we provide below.

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