How to shop at Lazada Pay on the spot 2022

How to shop on Lazada Pay on the spot

How to shop on Lazada Pay on the spot – In this sophisticated era, there are now a number of payment options that customers can choose to make payments, including on Lazada.

Lazada offers payment methods Bank transfers, electronic money, credit cards, and other types of transactions.

One of the things that can increase sales at Lazada is because Lazada provides on-the-spot payment options for consumers.

Many people choose to pay on the spot because they are worried that the ordered goods will not arrive at their destination, especially for those who have never shopped online at all, the COD method is very helpful.

Discussion on how to shop at Lazada, pay on the spot

As the largest online store in Indonesia, Lazada is one of the online stores that will meet your needs with various products you are looking for and need.

Besides having many products at low prices, Lazada also has quality products that you don’t need to doubt anymore.

How to shop at Lazada, pay on the spot or COD with free shipping, is your smart way to shop online.

Payment method Cash On Delivery or COD is a payment method where the buyer will pay after the goods arrive via courier.

Buyers can make sure the goods arrive before buying and don’t have to worry if the ordered goods don’t arrive after paying like other payment methods.

Using the COD feature or paying at Lazada when shopping online is very beneficial for buyers.

Buyers can ensure the arrival and integrity of the ordered goods before paying because it often happens when we shop online, but the order does not come or the goods arrive but the package is damaged.

And if the goods sent do not come, then the buyer does not need to pay for it so the buyer will not lose.

For more details, please refer to the review on how to shop at Lazada and pay at the following places.

How to shop on Lazada Pay on the spot

How to shop on Lazada Pay on the spot

How to shop on Lazada Pay on the spot
How to shop on Lazada Pay on the spot

How to shop on Lazada pay on the spot or in other words besides paying on the spot is free shipping.

This free shipping can save shipping costs, especially if you are shipping outside Java, you can try it by paying on the spot shopping and free shipping. The following are the steps for shopping on Lazada to pay on the spot:

  • Please open the Lazada application on your Android phone. Make sure that you are in the COD Lazada operating range and have claimed a free shipping voucher.
  • After that, select the item according to the order and add it to your cart or shopping cart.
  • Next, select one or more items to checkout at once.
  • Then enter the free shipping voucher code to save shipping costs
  • Make sure the address is correct, select make order
  • Then select the payment method pay on the spot or COD
  • Next, click confirm order
  • After that you wait until the order is approved and confirmed by the seller.
  • Finished

If the order has been confirmed by the seller, then you just have to wait for the order to come and pay.

While waiting, you can check or track your order through the Lazada app.
Try to use a delivery service that is close and reliable in your area, if a problem occurs then you can contact the nearest delivery service counter.
At Lazada, you can use the COD feature for delivery services such as LEX, Ninja van, Sicepat and JNE Cashless with a maximum purchase of 5 million.
If your order has arrived, please pay directly to the courier who delivered it, and you should pay with exact money because the courier does not necessarily bring change.
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Disadvantages of Shopping at Lazada Pay on the spot/COD

How to shop on Lazada Pay on the spot
Disadvantages of Shopping at Lazada Pay on the spot/COD

Paying on the spot will actually benefit both the buyer and the seller.

Because if you buy goods online without having to have an ATM or car banking and you don’t need to go to Indomart or Alfamaret to pay.

Well, for buyers, it can also increase sales because it provides an opportunity for you as a buyer who does not have an account to transfer payments.

The disadvantages of COD that you need to know, include:

For Buyers:

  • Items purchased on Lazada cannot be more than 5 million
  • There will be a handling fee that will be added in the payment process.
  • Not all sellers activate COD
  • Not all areas reach COD service

For Sellers:

  • Capital turnover is a bit slow due to waiting for orders to be completed and confirmed by buyers
  • The risk of returning goods is quite high because buyers do not want to receive goods for various reasons.

How to shop at Lazada, pay on the spot and free shipping is not difficult because there are no terms and conditions, as long as you are in the COD area. If you don’t find the item at Lazada, you can look for an online shop that can pay for other COD, such as at Shopee.

The final word

This is an article review on how to shop on Lazada using the on-site payment method or COD easily.

Hopefully you can be satisfied and enjoy shopping at Lazada after using the on-site payment method or COD. Happy shopping!

In addition to shopping at Lazada, you can also shop at other online stores such as Shopee, Tokopedia and others.

If there is something you want to ask, please go through the comments column that we have provided below!

That’s the whole content of our article this time about how to shop on Lazada pay on the spot. That’s all and good luck.

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