How to Shop for Goods Through Gojek (Go-Shop) | Easier and Faster

How to Shop for Goods Through Gojek (Go Shop) | This tutorial discusses how to shop for goods via Gojek (Go-Shop) easily and quickly. Gojek has added a new service that will help those of us who are busy with our own business. Go Shop is the name of this Gojek service.

This Go Shop service allows you to tell gojek to shop at any store. When the goods arrive at your house, you only need to pay the cash delivery fee and the price of the goods to the motorcycle taxi driver. It is very convenient because the buyer does not need to transfer money.

By utilizing this Go Shop service, it will obviously save time and make shopping more convenient. Everything you can buy from this service, including kitchen necessities and even electronics will be delivered straight to your home.

How to Shop for Goods Through Gojek (Go-Shop)

Buying goods with Gojek is quite easy because it can be done entirely through the application; all you have to do is just enter the groceries and the estimated price, then place an order. In essence, the mechanism for shopping for products through Gojek is the same as other Gojek services. You have to enter the location of the store and the destination of the goods to be delivered, and the driver will send it to the address you specify.

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The advantage if we use this Go Shop is that there is no minimum shopping distance and we can cover a distance of up to 25 kilometers. In addition, you can order Go Shop services for several products at once. When you use this Go Shop, you can also take advantage of various promotions, such as free shipping and discounted prices.

Okay, here’s the order of how to shop for goods via Gojek (Go-Shop):

  1. Open the Gojek App
  2. Choose Go-Shop
  3. Enter Store Location
  4. Enter groceries and price estimates
  5. Enter your Address
  6. Choose Payment Method

1. Open the Gojek Application: To get started, launch Gojek app on your smartphone. Make sure your application is updated. After that, immediately open the application, tap on the icon Other.

2. Choose Go-Shop: There will be many services in the main menu. Then look for services Go-Shop.

3. Enter Store Location: After that, you fill in the address of the store location and the name of the item you want to buy. You can also enter additional notes to increase the accuracy of the store place.

4. Enter Shopping Items and Estimated Prices: The grocery menu will appear after that, and you can enter the item you want to buy into the grocery list and also enter the estimated price in the Gojek application. Please tap Next after you are done.

5. Enter your Address: The next step is to enter your home address. Please provide the correct address so as not to send the wrong one.

6. Select Payment Method: After that, a new menu will appear asking you to choose a payment method, whether by GoPay or cash. Finally, to order, tap Order Go-Shop. The application will search for the driver, after which your groceries will be ordered and delivered based on the location or address you provided earlier in step 5.

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Buying goods through Gojek is indeed very simple because the application is also simple. Moreover, if you get a discount, the cost will automatically decrease. You can shop without leaving the house using this Go Shop application.

That’s a tutorial on how to shop for goods via Gojek (Go Shop). Hopefully this article is useful for you, thank you for visiting and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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