How to Solve Math Problems With Microsoft Edge Math Solver

How to Solve Math Problems With Microsoft Edge

Here’s how to solve math problems with Microsoft Edge Math Solver. One of the new features coming to the Microsoft Edge browser is Math Solver. This feature allows you to solve math problems using a browser.

Mathematics can be fun for certain students. Others consider it the most difficult subject. One of the newest capabilities of Microsoft Edge will be able to help you if you are having trouble understanding math concepts.

Math Solver allows you to take pictures of math problems (handwritten or printed) and provide instant solutions with step-by-step instructions to find the answers. This free service lets you get help with various math concepts like algebra, trigonometry, arithmetic, calculus, and more.

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What is Microsoft Edge Math Solver?

Microsoft Math Solver is a tool built into the Edge browser that recognizes and solves math problems based on images.

For years, Math Solver was a standalone program that was also included with Windows. It can also be accessed as a mobile app for Android, iOS, and the web. With update 91, Microsoft integrated Math Solver directly into Edge, so you don’t have to switch windows.

In addition, Bing displays this handy tool in search results. When you search for a math term like “square equation”, Math Solver appears at the top of the results. Here you can even draw questions using a virtual pen.

Math Solver website also gives you quizzes, so that you can practice your math skills. Teachers can also visit the popular problems page to see what types of questions are most difficult for students.

How to Use Microsoft Edge Math Solver

If you want to use Math Solver to solve math problems, you can do so directly within the Edge browser. To open the math solver, tap 3 dots menu in the upper right corner of Edge browser > select more tools > select math solver. If the math solver is already open, now follow the steps below:

How to Solve Math Problems With Microsoft Edge-1
  • Open the image or document containing the question in Edge.
  • Click on Select Math problems in the Math Solver panel.
  • Once you do that, the Edge screen goes gray all over the window, giving you a cursor to highlight the question.
  • Drag and resize the selection box around the question.
  • Make sure to highlight the entire issue and avoid extra text in the selected area.
  • Click on Solve.
How to Solve Math Problems With Microsoft Edge-2

Once you select the option, Math Solver will solve your equation and present the result in seconds.

Typing Math Problems in Math Solver

Sometimes it is easier for you to type a question than to take a picture, upload it to the computer, then highlight it. In this case, you can use Math Solver digital keyboard to enter almost any kind of problem.

To use a digital keyboard, click Type Math Problem . This powerful keyboard supports multiple functions and has separate tabs for each question type.

  • Tab one has keys for numbers and basic operations.
  • Tab two is for arithmetic. It allows you to enter logarithms, fractions, radicals, and inequalities.
  • Tab three contains trigonometric functions like sin, cos, and arc-sin, etc.
  • You can find buttons to type calculus problems like limit, derivation, and integral.
  • Tab four is for statistics and contains operations such as mean, mode, LCM, GCF, and combinations.
  • Next, you have a tab to enter the Matrix.
  • Tab five has alphabet keys for variables.

View Math Solver Solution

After solving the question, Math Solver app provides a step by step solution of the question. With each step, there is a brief explanation as well, helping you understand the concept better.

Where there are many ways to solve a problem, Math Solver shows all the methods and solutions. This feature helps you understand the question and allows you to solve similar questions.

  • Below the solution steps, Math Solver displays a graph for the equation, so that you can see the relationship between the variables.
  • Math Solver also provides several learning videos related to the question.
  • In Math panel, you will find lots of Recommended videos. Most of these videos are from popular educational websites like Khan Academy. Clicking on this link will open a new tab to play the video.
  • The Show More Learning Content button below the video will direct you to the Math Solver website. Here you will find more videos, related concepts, worksheets and similar issues. With so much content available to learn, even math just got easier.

That’s the tutorial on how to solve math problems with Microsoft Edge Math Solver. Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who need it. Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to share it with your friends too.

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