How to Stop Chat Package 1000 3 (Tri) 2022

How to Stop Chat Package 1000 3 (Tri)

How to Stop Chat Package 1000 3 (Tri) – Tri is a provider that is quite popular in Indonesia until now.

Because this provider provides very cheap package prices for both daily and monthly so it is not surprising that many are interested in using this service.

For example, for a monthly chat package for only 5000, you can already use social media applications such as WhatsApp, LINE, Wechat, BBM and others.

In addition, there is also a package price of 2000 only, so you can enjoy the WhatsApp application 24 hours a day.

Well, for those of you whose activities are often chatting, this package is perfect for you at a very affordable price.

No wonder many people choose the monthly chat package as a subscription package because it is very cheap and durable.

Discussion on How to Stop Chat Package 1000 3 (Tri)

Even though it is offered at a very low price, some Trik users choose to stop using the package.

This is because the chat package that is activated is the cause of slow internet and opening other applications is also slow.

Therefore, many are looking for ways to stop chatting packages so they can enjoy the internet smoothly again.

However, not many know how to stop the daily to monthly Tri chat package, so we will provide a solution.

Because a lot of people complain about the chat package used, causing slow internet.

You don’t have to worry anymore, because we will provide a solution which we will discuss in this article about how to stop the 1000 3 (Tri) chat package.

How to Stop Chat Package 1000 3 (Tri)

1. How to Stop Chat Package 1000 3 (Tri)

How to Stop Chat Package 1000 3 (Tri)
How to Stop Chat Package 1000 3 (Tri)
Actually, this tri chat package can only be used to access chat applications such as WhatsApp, LINE, BBM and others.

This package is a favorite because it includes an unlimited internet package that can only access chat applications at a low price.

Generally, for the price of this chat package, from 1000 to 5000, you can access the internet for quite a long time.

So this chat package is perfect for those of you who only chat with someone who doesn’t suck up the main internet quota.

However, because this package is quite slow in accessing the internet, some who have subscribed want to stop using this chat package.

Well, as for the steps on how to stop the 1000 3 (Tri) chat package as follows:

  • The first step, please open the SMS application on your cellphone.
  • If you have, please create a new message and type the stop format for the Tri chat package “STOP(SPACE)CHATS“.
  • After that send to “234“.
  • Then wait a while until you get a reply “Successfully Stop Tri Chat Package“.
  • Finished.

The final word

If you have done the steps above, to be able to find out if the chat package has stopped.

Please check with the dial code “*123#” so you get a notification about stopping the chat package you are doing.

That way, you can already use the internet without any more lags due to the chat package that was used previously.

Very easy to open? You only need a few minutes to stop the chat package.

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