How to Top Up Zepeto Zem with Credit & Codashop (Free)

How to Top Up Zepeto Zem And Coins With Pulsa & Codashop – To buy some Zem or coins you definitely need a balance. To top up on Zepeto, you can use credit. Most people today, if they are looking for entertainment, of course, will not escape playing games, be it android games, ios games online or offline, one of the most popular online games is the Zepeto game, this is one of the most popular online games. one of the best games to date.

In addition to top up using credit, you can also change other payment methods. Payment methods can be via credit or debit card, DOKU e-wallet, or purchasing a Google Play balance.

Zeperto itself presents games with the theme of young children, but most people experience problems in the top up section, there are many Zepeto players who still don’t understand how to top up in the game, that’s why here Admin will provide a tutorial on how for top up game zepeto zem.

Playing games on an Android or iOS cellphone is never boring, especially if you play Zepeto games. But there are times when players want to buy items by top up but don’t know how. Therefore, this time we have various ways top up zepeto zem with a few easy steps that anyone can follow.

Top Up Zepeto Zem

Zepeto is an online game that can be played via smart phones. This game becomes interesting when you can create your own avatar as you wish. For example, choosing the right hair, clothes that fit and some other important things.

However, what becomes very interesting and the reason why it is used by more than 50 million Android users is that you can connect with other friends. That is, you can meet other players, get to know each other and travel around using the avatar you created. Cool, right? Like the real world life brought to the virtual world.

In the Zepeto game, we will be presented with a variety of interesting things, which later on our character will be given the most interesting items possible.

For example, starting from pants, clothes, hair, and other jewelry or other items, we can all set so that our characters look much cooler and more attractive, in this online game we will also get life like in the real world.

Because all the players in this Zepeto online game are played online, so we can get what we want, we can even make friends with them using your own character, the avatar that has been made, for more detailed information, please see below.

Get to know Codashop Zepeto

In this section will only provide a little information about what zeperto top up codashop is, so zepeto itself is an online game that we can get from the play store or app store, this youth-themed game can be played freely and for items- the items that we will get are also quite complete.

It’s just that all items mostly have to be purchased using coins or zemz for zem itself is the main currency in the zepeto game, the more money, the more items we can get according to our needs.

This Zepeto application has four menus in it. The menus include Play, Discover, Messageand Profile.

In this Play menu you can take photos using the available characters.

In addition, there is a Discover menu that you can use to find friends. You can use “Friends Code” to search for friends or other profile codes.

Message menu, from the name you can see in this menu you can exchange messages with your friends on your zepeto account.

In the Play menu, you can create a 3-dimensional avatar directly. There are several free characters provided. But there are also some paid characters.

Payment methods can use Zem or coins. To do a top up, of course you are still confused.

Because there are many who don’t know how to top up zems, here mimin will tell you, because zems is very important for all of us so that we can get the zepeto items we need, mimin will discuss how to top up zepeto via codashop .

Why should you use codashop and not others? Of course the answer is that the codashop site makes it easy for online game users as well as the Zepeto game. For the advantages, why should you use top up via Zepeto, please see below.

Zems Zepeto Top Up Steps on Codashop

For how to top up Zepeto through Codashop, the method is very easy, you just have to go into Codashop then select the Zepeto game and follow the steps, but because in that section many don’t know it, you can immediately see the tutorial on how to top up below. this.

How to Top Up Zepeto Zem and Coins

The Zepeto game application is indeed provided free of charge and can be downloaded via the Playstore. But of course the features or items provided are limited. If you want more then you have to buy it with zem or coins. So, it can be said that zem is virtual money in the Zepeto game and can be used to buy all game needs.

The problem is, you won’t get the zem for free when you create a Zepeto account. For that you need to top up Zepeto zem which can be done in the following ways!

1. How to Top Up Zepeto Zem with Credit

Credit can not only be used to buy quota packages or SMS, but can also be used as a way to top up Zepeto Zem. The condition is that the card to be used is connected to the Playstore. For the types of cards, all can be used, such as Telkomsel, Indosat XL Axiata, etc.

  1. Top up a minimum of 20,000, if you already had it, you don’t need to top it up again.
  2. Make sure you have an internet connection, either in the form of data or Wi-Fi. This is so that the credit that will be used for top up is not sucked up by internet usage.
  3. Open the Zepeto game already installed on the device.
  4. Select the zem or coin menu at the top of the menu list.
  5. Then select the amount of zem or coins that are in the given price list.
  6. Enter the phone number that was prepared earlier, then tap or click the “buy” button.
  7. Continue by following the instructions on your HP screen.
  8. If the payment is successful, a notification will appear on the screen.

2. Top Up Zem Zepeto Via Codashop

In addition to using credit, you can also top up through one of the trusted sites that serve various online game top ups, namely Codashop. This method is commonly used as an alternative if you don’t have enough credit. Moreover, the method is relatively easy and can be done by anyone, as long as they have provided a payment method to be made.

  1. Login to your Zepeto account.
  2. Enter the profile section.
  3. Look for the Zepeto code at the bottom of your profile and photo, then remember it carefully or write it down if necessary.
  4. Visit the site through a browser, be it a cellphone or a PC. Then look for the Zepeto game in the existing game series. To make it easier, you directly visit the following link
  5. Enter the Zepeto ID that was recorded earlier.
  6. Select the desired top up zem or coin (minimum 7 zem and 4680 coins).
  7. Choose the payment method used, for example Indomaret, Alfamart, credit, account transfer or even you can use Shopeepay etc.
  8. The last column you can fill in the email for proof of payment, if you don’t need it, you can leave the column blank.
  9. Click “buy now”
  10. Next, you will be directed to a confirmation page whether the purchase is correct or not.
  11. Then, you will be given a payment code according to the method you selected.

Lately, the Zepeto application is being talked about on social media.

Because, apart from being able to share various things with fellow Zepeto users, here you can too make-over 3D avatars with various attractive make-up.

In fact, it’s not only your avatar’s fashion that can be changedmake-overbut also where your avatar lives.

Snow Corporation, which oversees the Zepeto application, is an application developer from Korea that has been established since 2022.

Because this application is present and available on the PlayStore and the App Store on your smartphone.

How to Get Zem Zepeto Without Additional Apps

There are several ways to get zem from this 3D avatar app. The first is through luck zem. Well, here are the steps:

  1. Go to Zepeto’s house, and click on the gift icon located at the bottom right of the application page.
  2. Then click Zem Luck.
  3. Then claim free zem from the Zepeto app.
  4. Now your zem or diamonds have increased.

From this menu, you can also collect free coins provided by Zepeto. So, don’t forget to claim all rewards you yes!

How to Get Zem Zepeto for Free without Top Up

Zepeto is a social networking application that allows users to create their own digital avatar. In addition, in this application you can also add friends.

In addition, applications under the auspices of Snow Corporation can be accessed easily via Android, iOS and PC.

Don’t you have enough money to top up zem? If this sad reality happens, you can also get Zepeto Zem for free without top up. There are at least two ways you can do it, first through events and second through lucky zem.

1. How to Get Zem without Top Up with Event

Every time, for some time, you can take part in an event held by Zepeto with free zem prizes. Although it is not certain when the time will come, but at least you can get a definite prize, namely Zem Zepeto.

For that, prepare yourself to take part in the impromptu event. actually not impromptu, you can see the schedule on the main menu when logging in. So, make a good note of the date!

2. Through Luck Zem

Zepeto The 3 Dimensional character application is indeed in great demand by social media users. In addition to the visual advantages displayed by zepeto, this application is also very easy to access.

If the method above is not certain when it will come, it is different from the following method. With lucky zem, you have chance every day to get zem. Although the number is not much, but it is not bad if it continues to be collected every day. Here’s how!

  • Log in to your Zepeto account.
  • Tap the icon “gift“.
  • Click “lucky zem“.
  • Claim free zem from zepeto.

That’s the discussion of that was conveyed about Codashop Zepeto Top Up Zems and the Latest Coin Hack 2022, hope it helps

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