How to Turn a PDF into an Interactive Worksheet

How to Turn a PDF into an Interactive Worksheet

Here’s a guide on how to turn a PDF into an interactive worksheet using a tool called Thinkio. Not only PDF files, you can also convert image files into worksheets.

Thinkio is a tool that lets you convert PDFs and images into online interactive worksheets. You can upload your PDF files and images to this tool, and it will turn them into editable worksheets.

Then you can share the worksheet with your students, and they can complete/fill in the worksheet and send it back to you.

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This tool is helpful for teachers it makes their task much easier. Teachers can assign assignments to their students online, and students can submit their work to teachers after completing them.

The free version of this tool lets you upload 3 worksheets at once, and the paid version lets you upload unlimited number of worksheets.

How to Convert PDF to Interactive Worksheet Using Thinkio

  1. Upload Worksheet
  2. Share Link With Students
  3. Students Will Complete Worksheets
  4. Check Student Work

1. Upload Worksheet

The first step to using this tool is to visit this site from here, then upload your worksheet. You can upload your files in PDF, PNG, JPG, or tiff format.

You need to register to use this tool. After you register, you will see a screen like this:

How to Convert PDF to Interactive Worksheet-1

On the homepage, you will see a button to add a new worksheet, and you will also see a list of the worksheets that you have uploaded to it.

Just click on Add New Worksheet and you will see an option to upload the worksheet.

2. Share Link With Students

Once you upload your worksheet to this tool, it will take some time (8-10 seconds) to convert it into an editable worksheet.

Once converted into an editable worksheet, you can share the worksheet link with your students.

Just click the button Share, and you will get a link of your editable worksheet. Share via email, chat or your online class chat room.

3. Students Will Complete the Worksheet

Once you share an editable worksheet with your students, they can edit and make changes to the worksheet.

The students can draw something on it and can also add text to it. They can also add their name in the worksheet.

How to Convert PDF to Interactive Worksheet-2

After completing the worksheet, they will click the button Save and their work will be saved and sent to you.

Students can also send their unfinished work to their email and work on it later.

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4. Check Student Work

After the student submits the worksheet, you can check the worksheet by clicking the button View.

This tool will show you the delivery status. You can see how many and which students have submitted their worksheets.

When you click the button View, the student worksheet will open in a new tab, and you can check their work. You can also make changes, improve their work, and leave any comments on the worksheet.

How to Convert a PDF to an Interactive Worksheet-3

The changes you make to the worksheet will be visible to students, and changes made by students will be visible to you.

This tool can be useful for both teachers and students. This will save them time while making, giving and submitting homework easier.

That’s how to turn PDFs and images into interactive worksheets online. I hope this article helped you! Thank you for visiting and don’t forget if you find this article useful, please share it with your friends too.

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