How to Turn Children’s Pictures Into Animation

How to Turn Children's Pictures Into Animation

Here’s a guide on how to turn a child’s drawing into an animation using Animated Drawings from Meta. Animated Drawings is an AI based tool for animating children’s drawings. This tool generates an animated version of your child’s drawing using AI.

These Animated Drawings are very interactive for kids. Because they can see their images come to life. Apart from that, you can also choose various effects to apply to the image.

To create animations from children’s drawingsall you have to do is upload a drawing to Animated Drawings, select the character you want to animate, and the tool will take care of the rest.

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This tool from Meta uses its AI to animate uploaded images. No need to register to use web service tool from this site. This tool is completely free to use.

After uploading the image, you just need to select one of the built-in animations of this site like dancing, jumping, walking, and others.

The resulting animation can be shared using a URL or other sharing method like, nearby share, one note or Skype. The same output can also be saved in MP4 format and then shared with anyone.

As a teacher, you can also use these Animated Drawings to make your lessons more interactive or for other class activities.

Likewise with Parents, you will love this tool to animate the images created by your kids. In turn, children will enjoy seeing their pictures move and jump around.

How to use Animated Drawings to Make Children’s Drawings Animated

1. Just go to the Animated Drawings by Meta site from here. The main page of this site looks like this:

How to Turn Children's Pictures Into Animation-1

2. Click Startit will take you to options Uploader. Here you can upload the image which you want to animate, or you can choose one of the images provided by Animated Drawings.

How to Turn Children's Pictures Into Animation-2

3. After uploading the image, this tool will select the characters in the entire image and separate them from the background. If any part of the drawing character is not selected, you can use pen and eraser tool.

Then the tool will show all the connections on the character, which can also be adjusted in case of problems.

How to Turn Children's Pictures Into Animation-3

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4. In the next step, you can choose animation effect to put on the picture.

How to Turn Children's Pictures Into Animation-4

The final result can be saved as an MP4 video. Just open the clip in full screen and click on the three dots at the bottom right corner of the screen, there you will find the download button.

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That’s how to turn a child’s drawing into an animation using Animated Drawings. I hope this article helped you! Thank you for visiting and don’t forget if you find this article useful, please share it with your friends too.

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