How to Upload Products on Shopee for Beginners

how to upload products on shopee for beginners

infoinsaja.comHow to Upload Products on Shopee for Beginners is the title of the article that we will discuss. Shopee is one of the online stores or marketplaces that you are already familiar with because this online shopee shop is very popular in Indonesia. Shopee is also the easiest and most attractive marketplace for selling or shopping. For those of you who want to open an online shop on Shopee or sell on Shopee, see until the end of this article.

How to Upload Products on Shopee for Beginners

Do you have to pay for selling at shopee?? The answer is no. You can sell on shopee without having to pay money unless you want to use paid advertising so that the products you sell are easily recognized by shopee visitors. How to open a shop on shopee You don’t need to use a laptop because you can only sell your cellphone (mobile) at Shopee.

Here’s How to Sell on Shopee for Beginners

Download the Shopee App

Download the shopee application on the Playstore or Appstore on your cellphone. This Playstore application has a lot of registered marketplace features. For that you have to type the word “Shopee” in the search menu. Then a shopee application will appear that says Install in the green box. Then click INSTALL it means you download the shopee application. Wait until the download process is complete. When the download is complete, open the shopee application on your cellphone.

Shopee Account Register

The first step you must do is register a shopee account. Please select the list menu on the shopee menu in the upper right corner.


After registering, a registration form will appear which has been provided with a registration form that you must fill in according to your data. To register for a shopee account, you can register via email or facebook. The steps are as follows:

– Phone number ==> click “send verification code”. Verification codes are usually sent via SMS. For that make sure the number on your cellphone is active.

– Enter the verification code that has been obtained in the verification column

– Enter the shopee username that you will use

– Enter the password that you will use to login. You have to remember the password and it would be better if you write down the password that was created. The most important thing is not to tell other people the password that you created earlier.

– Confirm the password by repeating the password you typed earlier

– Enter the provided Captcha code to ensure that you are not a robot

– Click Register and Done. You have successfully registered.

Start Selling on Shopee

how to upload products on shopee for beginners

The next step after you have successfully registered and logged in is selecting the menu “I” which is located in the lower right corner of the shopee menu. After you click the My menu then a new menu will appear and click the “menu”My Shop

how to upload products on shopee

How to Upload Products on Shopee for Beginners

Add New Product

After clicking the My Shop menu, a new page will appear, click the “Add My Product” menu. Add my product is a menu to fill in the product you want to sell. The contents of my add product are as follows:

Add Photo

Add a photo is a photo of the product to be sold. You can add product photos from the photo gallery or direct photos. Try to make product photos clear and attractive because product photos are the most important thing for customers to see.

Product name

The product name is clear and contains keywords so that it can be easily found by many people and not too long.

Product Description

Product description is a description of the product you are selling. From the name, ingredients, size, properties, composition and others.


Categories are sections or groups that have been provided on shopee. For example, if you sell sheets, it means that you are included in the home equipment category ==> bedrooms ==> sheets & pillowcases. If you sell perfume, you are in the care and beauty category. What you sell is all already in the categories provided on shopee.


Price is the total cost of the product you are selling.


Stock is the number of items you sell. There is no stock limit that you can fill, but it must match the items you stock too.


Variation is the variety of products that you sell whether they have a variety of colors and sizes. If so, you can fill in the variations because it will be easier for buyers to choose.


Wholesale is the sale of wholesale goods. So you can fill in the minimum purchase and maximum purchase on the wholesale menu.

Shipping cost

Shipping costs are the shipping costs according to the weight and size of the item you are selling. Don’t forget to first arrange the expedition that you will use for product delivery. The weight of the product must be filled in according to the weight of the product you are selling because that determines the cost of shipping the product.


Condition is goods that are sold new or goods that have been used.

Pre Order

Pre-order means that the item must be ordered in advance so it is not ready stock. If you already have items that are ready stock, the pre-order menu is just emptied.

Share to Twitter and Share to Facebook

Sharing to social media such as Twitter and Facebook is one of the media that can help introduce our store so that more people know about our store without us using ads.

Click Update

Finished uploading products on shopee. The product is already installed in your shopee shop.

Maybe that’s all I can explain about how to upload products on shopee for beginners. Hopefully this article helps those of you who are still confused about starting sales at Shopee. Thank you for visiting see you in the next articles.

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