How to Use Face Play Application (Face Swap)

How to Use the FacePlay App

Here’s a guide on how to use the Face Play application (swap faces). Today, we have more access to social networks such as Facebook,
Instagram, Tiktok. The higher the demand for entertainment, the more users are looking for apps that can bring joy to themselves or their friends.

Surely many are aware of face swap apps on videos – apps that allow you to swap faces with famous actors to create epic movies.

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Now there is an application that has the same function as I said above, namely Face Play, an application that allows users to replace faces on videos with other people’s faces.

What is FacePlay App?

How to Use the FacePlay-1 App

FacePlay Apk is a face swap application on video available for platforms iOS and Android. With this app, you can change the face in the video by using your face or someone else’s face.

You will see various short video templates changing face on video when you open Faceplay. Whatever video you choose, you can create it with just one click.

Face play can also be used to create unique and interesting videos. At first glance this application is indeed similar to Tempo AI app or a wedding application that went viral.

Face Play App Features

Face replacement

The Face Play app allows users to replace their face with another face using an artificial AI that analyzes the face, then replaces your face in sync with the existing face.

FacePlay is used by many young people to prank their friends. It quickly became popular with over 1 million downloads on Google Play and 64,000 good ratings on the App Store.

All you need to do now is download FacePlay to your phone and upload any photo. This app will automatically analyze your face in 3D to replace more than 56 costumes for the available videos.

Even if you are a person who is not good at video editing, with just a few steps, you have a satisfying video.

Become a model or beauty

If previously it took you hours to transform your face into someone else’s via the Photoshop app, now everything is simple with the FacePlay app.

Your job is to upload the portrait photos, the rest FacePlay will handle it for you. When starting the application, the user will be guided to be able to take a full face photo.

Next, the app will analyze your face and use AI to match every detail of your face with famous actors or beautiful beauties. Users can choose any short video to be able to swap faces with them.

There are tons of video templates available for you to get creative with your face with FacePlay, you can easily create unique videos with just a few clicks.

Download the Face Play App

description Description
App Name Face Play
Genre Video Players & Editors
New version 2.9.0
OS Android 5.0+
Size 54M
Price Free / in-app purchases available

Face Play is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can directly download Face Play from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Here’s the download link:

Download FacePlay for: Android | iOS

How to Use the FacePlay App

How to use the FacePlay application is quite easy. Here’s a tutorial using the viral Face Play application:

  1. Open the FacePlay application, click the menu button in the upper right corner, then select login with Facebook or Google.

  2. Choose the template you want to use, try to choose a free template. Avoid VIP templates that have a diamond logo in the top right corner of the template.

  3. Click the Add Face button, then select the photo you want to use. If the photo is appropriate, click Confirm.

  4. Click the Start Making button, click the Free button, then watch an ad to be able to make videos for free.

  5. Wait for the creation process to finish, if it is then you can click the Save button to download the video to the gallery.

That’s how to use the viral Face Play application. I hope this article helped you! Thank you for visiting and don’t forget if you find this article useful, please share it with your friends too.

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