How to Use NFC Samsung 2022

How to Use Samsung NFC

How to Use Samsung NFC – Using NFC on a Samsung cellphone is quite easy, because this feature is very useful for supporting digital payment services.

With this feature, Samsung HP users will find it easier to make payments, transfer data files, and connect devices with additional devices that also support it.

Although it is known as a premium feature, as technology advances, many Android devices use this NFC feature, including Samsung-made cellphones.

Apart from flagship smartphones, middle-class phones such as the Galaxy A Series and Galaxy M Series are already equipped with NFC features.

For those of you who don’t know, NFC stands for Near Field Communication or what can also be interpreted as Near Field Communication.

NFC itself is one of the connectivity features that serves to connect two devices more quickly and easily.

So you don’t need to manually pair or connect devices.

Without further ado, just take a look at the complete information on how to use Samsung’s NFC in the following discussion.

How to Use Samsung NFC

How to Use Samsung NFC

How to Use Samsung NFC
How to Use Samsung NFC

The way NFC works is similar to Bluetooth, it’s just that when using NFC you don’t need to pair devices manually so it’s faster and smoother.

How to use it is quite easy, you just need to activate it through Samsung settings and hold the cellphone close to a device that also supports the NFC feature.

For those of you who are Samsung HP users, here are some ways you can try to use NFC on your Smartphone.

As for how to use Samsung’s NFC that we will share, they are as follows.

1. Enabling NFC Through Samsung Settings

The first way to use NFC is to do some setting options on your Samsung cellphone.

Even though it’s fairly easy, there are also some users who still don’t know how to activate this connectivity feature.

The steps you must take are as follows.

  • Please open the “Settings” menu on your Samsung cellphone.
  • Continue with Login to the “Connections” menu.
  • Then hit the “NFC” menu option and enable it.
  • Later the NFC feature on your Samsung Smartphone will be activated automatically.
  • To use it, please bring it close to another device that also supports the NFC feature.
  • It will automatically show the remaining balance of digital money stored.
  • Make sure the distance used is close enough and also the tools used are behind the cellphone.
  • For further NFC connection settings, you can try activating the “NFC and Payment” option by sliding the button.
  • In the menu there is a “Tap and Pay” feature that is connected to Samsung Pay to make digital payments.

2. Enabling NFC Via Quick Settings

A faster way to use the NFC feature, you can use Quick Settings in the notification bar on a Samsung cellphone.

Where to activate it, you have to swipe down on the Samsung screen and look for then select the button with the NFC letter “N” icon.

Or if not, you can add your own!

All the methods to activate NFC that we have shared in the review above can be used and run well on all types of Samsung Smartphones that support the NFC feature.

Like the Galaxy A30s, Galaxy A50. galaxy M10, and many more.

The final word

That’s brief information about how to use NFC on a Samsung cellphone and how to activate it that can be useful and useful for everyone.

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Hopefully with this tutorial it can add to our insight, especially about the Samsung Smartphone that is used.

That’s all our discussion in this article about how to use Samsung NFC. Thank you and hopefully useful.

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