How to Use OBS Studio 2022

How to Use OBS Studio
How to Use OBS Studio – OBS studio is a free Vidor recording and Live streaming application available on Windows, macOS and others.

For those of you who have never used this application, don’t worry because we will provide a tutorial on how to use or use it easily.

Screen recording can be useful for various things such as application tutorials, live streaming, video presentations and many others.

Of the many screen recorder applications, this OBS studio application is one of the most popular and widely used screen recorder applications.

If you see at a glance the appearance of this OBS application looks complicated, this is because there are so many features in it.

Now for those of you who don’t know how to record screen in OBS studio easily, you can listen to our explanation below about how to use OBS studio.

How to Use OBS Studio

How to Use OBS Studio Easily

How to Use OBS Studio
How to Use OBS Studio Easily

Before going to the stage of how to use OBS Studio, you must first set up OBS studio so that you can prepare recordings in the following way.

A. Setting To Prepare Camera

  • First you download and install the OBS studio application via the following link (Download OBS Studio)
  • Then you look for file > settings on the OBS studio menu.
  • Then you specify the location for storing recorded files, video quality and video format in the “Output” section.
  • Make sure the format used for storage is Mp4 format, in order to avoid file damage during the recording process.
  • If you have specified the quality and sound source in the “Audio” section.

If you have finished setting the video or audio settings, then you can then do screen recording using OBS studio.

B. Screen Recording Using OBS Studio

If you have finished setting the settings for Video and audio, then you can then record using the following method:

  • First you open the OBS studio application.
  • Then you click the + button on the scene to add a function and then give it a name.
  • This allows you to have different options such as streaming and screen recording.
  • If the above scan is active then you click + on the source section and select the image source.
  • You can add multiple image sources from the camera or screen.
  • To record the screen you can choose “Display Capture” (which is useful for recording the entire screen display or external screen) or Windows Capture (which is useful for recording the screen in certain application windows).
  • Choose according to your wishes.
  • Then you enter the source name and click OK.
  • Also select the application window that you want to record.
  • To make the display fit on the screen you can right click on the display > Transform > Fit to screenn. You can also press Cntrl+F.
  • You can also turn off the audi function by clicking the button on the speaker section of each channel of the Audio mixer.
  • After that you click “Star recording” to start the screen recording step.
  • You can move to another application that you want to record the screen.
  • If you have you can click “stop Recording” to stop recording.
  • If you pause you can click the Pope.
  • Finished.

The final word

That’s the way you can use and try to record in the OBS Studio application easily.

Hopefully, with the explanation above, you can add a little knowledge and insight about how to use the OBS Studio application.

For more details, you can continue to listen to our website so you don’t miss other interesting and exciting information.

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