How to Use PadChat on iPhone Easy

How to use PadChat is easy. It’s just that many may think that PadChat is an application on Android. Even though Pachat is an application on iOS iPhone. Therefore, we will guide only for all of you who have an iPhone. We haven’t checked PadChat is on Android or not.

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This padchat is believed to be able to tap the whatsapp of a girlfriend or partner. So just scan the girlfriend’s WhatsApp QR Code with Padchat on our cellphone, then all activity on your partner’s WhatsApp will go directly to your Padchat.

For all of you who want to find out how to use Padchat on iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices then you can read this article to the end. If you have questions later, don’t forget to tell them in the comments column.

How to Use PadChat Easily

Using Padchat on iPhone and iPad is very easy. As long as you have it installed on your device, the next step will be very easy. You only have to scan the QR Code then everything will be fine. So it’s like scanning the WhatsApp web QR Code, Padchat is just how to use it.

How to Use Padchat
How to Use Padchat

Do you still remember how to access WhatsApp web? Yes, just open your partner’s WhatsApp QR Code. Then scan with PadChat. That way, you will have full access to your partner’s WhatsApp account.

Well, for more details, please see below. Hopefully you know how to use this Padchat on your iOS device. Of course the first thing you have to do is you have to download and install PadChat first.

How to Use Easy Padchat

Those who want to understand how to use Padchat are like the following.

  • After application Padchat installed successfully.
  • First, open the application, then activate the camera to scan the QR Code.
  • Then, on your target’s WhatsApp, please show the QR code so it can be scanned with PadChat.
  • Now scan the target WhatsApp with Padchat.
  • Finished.

That way, you have successfully learned how to use Padchat. Don’t forget to try to know the results.

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We think we’ve talked enough about how to use PadChat. Hopefully this information from us is useful for you, girlfriend whatsapp tappers. Ha ha.

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