How to Use the Termux 2022 App

How to Use the Termux App

How to Use the Termux App – Termux is an android terminal emulator or linux application that can be used without root.

You can run activities in the terminal which can also be done on Android by using this termux.

Even without root, termux can also give access to every user, although not completely like other applications.

Termux, CMD and Terminal can do what they are told.

In addition, the termux application is only available for android users, while for iOS users it may not be available yet.

If you don’t know how to use it, you can try the review on how to use the Termux application below.

How to Use the Termux App

How to Use the Termux App Properly

How to Use the Termux App
How to Use the Termux App Properly

If you are learning and figuring out how to use Termux, you can use the guide that we will provide this time.

The Termux application is arguably very popular, especially in terms of wiretapping.

In the Termux application, there are tools that can be used to simplify your daily activities.

In addition, in Termux there is a script which is commonly referred to as a programming language that provides translation and compilation of code in a series.

Not only that, the process is also very easy so that the code created can be run as a program.

To use the Termux application itself, you can listen to it in the review below.

As for how to use the Termux application as follows:

Step 1: Enter command into termux app

As we said in a previous review if termux will run when it receives a command.

You can use the keyboard that appears on your smartphone screen to write various commands.

The command depends on what you want to do as in the following example:

  • ls: (lowercase dark LS) to display all file contents.
  • cd: opens directories.
  • pkg install : installs programming packages.
  • apt list: to list all installed and not installed programming packages.

Writing commands in termux must use lowercase letters, after you finish writing the command, you can press enter on the keyboard to run the command.

Example of using the command in termux:

  • If you want to write a command, you can see which modules have been installed first, then write apt-list, then press enter.

If you are using the Termux application for the first time, then there is no termux package already installed.

That way, you can find out all the list of commands on the termux page.

Step 2: Install packages and modules

Packages and modules are 2 things that are needed by the termux application to run various commands and programs.

Example of packages:

python, php, wget, etc.

While the example module

mechanism, request, bs4, and others.

What packages and modules should be installed?

It all depends on the program or script you want to use and run.

Each termux script has packages and modules that are already in the script description.


Script A requires

python, php, and openssh packages

In addition, the termux script also requires module six or beautifulsoup4.

If you want the termux to be able to run script A commands, then you have to install python, php, openssh, six, and beautifulsoup4 first.

Then, you can use the command pkg install + package name to install the package.


pkg install python

Meanwhile, to install the module, you can use the command pip install + module name.


pip install mechanism

If you are using the python 2 programming script, then the module installation must use pip2.


pip2 install requests

Packages and Modules are only installed once.

If the python package is already installed, then you can run all scripts that use python programming on your termux.

To install more than one package, you just combine the names.


pkg install wget git bash

You can use the above command to install wget, git and bash packages at the same time.

There will be a notification or information from the package when you will carry out the installation process.

To confirm the installation, press Y on your smartphone keyboard, then press enter, then the installation process will run.

If the installation process is complete, a $ icon will appear ready to accept all commands again.

Step 3: Clone script file

Average user who uses termux to run various scripts.


If you want to install a comment bot script on Facebook, then you will definitely want to run a comment bot for Facebook.

In addition, you can clone the termux script from the address where the script is stored.

Github can be considered as a shared web hosting service for software development.

How to clone termux script from github?

First, you have to install the git package, then you just write the git clone command and you can follow the script address.


git clone

While the script installation process is running, wait for the installation process to be successful.

In addition, you do not need to press any buttons to avoid problems.

Step 4: Run the installed script

After successfully cloning the script, you just have to run the script.

The method is very easy, you just have to execute the main file into the script you are using.

To find the main file, you have to open the folder of the script one by one.

When the script is successfully cloned to the termux application, the script will turn into a folder.

Use the ls command to display it.


In this example, let’s say you have installed the FB-React script and Tool-X.

When you enter the ls command, the termux application will display the folder of the FB-React script and Tool-X.

Then, use the command cd + folder name to open the folder.

What does it mean?

The suffix is ​​usually said to be the programming language of the script itself.

py for python programming,

sh for bash,

.php for php programming.

If you want to see files from the script folder, you just use the ls command.

In addition, the function of ls itself is to display various files and folders from a directory.

After you find the file you are looking for, you just have to execute the file.

The method is very easy, you just use the execute command according to the programming used.

python for .py files,

bash for .sh files,

and php for .php files.


If there is a main file named, then to execute the file you must use the command from python

Likewise if the file is named .sh or .php. then you just use the command bash or php main.php


For .py files, you can also execute them with python2, because the programming uses the 2nd version of python.



Additionally, .sh files can also be executed with sh and ./


sh or ./

After you execute the main file of the script, the command will run with a different display.

The final word

For those of you who are looking for how to use Termux, you can try the method that we have provided for you.

If you don’t know how to use it, you can follow the steps above carefully.

To use termux, you must understand the various commands in the termux application so that you can easily run the application when an error occurs.

If you want to successfully use the Termux application, you must first know how to use it and its functions.

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