How to View Shopee 2022 Flashback Check Total One Year Shopping

How to see a Flashback of Shopee 2022 turns out to be simple. Easy alias easy. please check Total Spending One Year last on shopeepay during 2022.

Is it true that you came here looking for a way to look back at the ShopeePay 2022 application? because maybe lately you’ve seen a lot of people showing off their total purchases for the last 1 year in this application.

Before discussing how to view shopping flashbacks on Shopee, here we first explain what a Shopee flashback is.

Because we are very sure that there are still many users who still don’t understand very well about the latest features from Shopee which are aimed at user

Flashback is a feature that can see all transaction activities that have been carried out by users in the past one year. In addition, you can see the total expenditure that has been spent for each user of all payment methods.

Now, at the end of 2022, there are more and more people showing off Shopee’s flashback summaries to others.

If you often make transactions through the Shopee application, of course you don’t feel like you have made enough purchases. This is indeed not realized by some users, because it is rare to see the total shopping at Shopee 2022.

But to see a flashback of activity over the past year can only be opened at the end of the year as it is now. By knowing all transactions, you can recap any purchases while using the shopeepay.

It is certain that every Shoppe application user can see the total spending in the last one year, namely 2022. Can correct any transactions that are important and not important.

At the end of 2022, Shopee held a new menu called Shopee Flashback. So, what is the Shopee Flashback 2022 feature? and how to find this feature?

What is Shopee Flashback 2022?

By knowing all your activities during 2022 using the Shopee application, you can see all transactions, be it bank transfer payments or bank transfers SHOPEEPAY. How to view the 2022 flashback is also fairly easy, you just have to access the Shopee application directly.

But before you want to know more clearly, you should first understand what a flashback is starting from its functions and advantages. Alright, so that it is clearer and more detailed, see the reviews from as follows.

Shopee Flashback is a menu where users can find information about the user’s total spending on the Shopee application throughout 2022. Here, you can easily check Shopee’s total purchases.

Not only in the overall form of 2022. In this Shopee Flashback menu you can also find your total purchases specifically, for example in certain months in 2022.

By using the Shopee 2022 Flashback feature, users can find out and evaluate the total expenditure spent on shopping in this Shopee buying and selling application.

If you are interested in capturing or taking screenshots of the results of the total shopping check at Shopee in 2022 through this Flashback menu to be stored or exhibited on social media. You can use the following Shopee Flashback method.

How to View Shopee 2022 Flashback

For those of you who want to check Shopee’s total shopping in 2022 with Shopee or also known as the 2022 Shopee Flashback menu, here’s how to see Shopee Flashback very easily.

  1. The first step, open the Shopee application on your cellphone
  2. Then log in using your Shopee account
  3. Then on the main page, select the 2022 Shopee Flashback menu with the Shopee chicken banner
  4. Tap the Start button in the lower right corner
  5. Click the name of the month in the lower right corner until December to see your total shopping for 2022
  6. Done, that’s how to check Shopee’s total shopping on the #2022bersamashopee menu.
how to see shopee 2021 flashback

Now, after you find the total amount of your purchases on Shopee during 2022. You can immediately take screenshots to save in the gallery or show off on social media.

Isn’t it easy enough to see this 2022 Shopee Flashback?

The feature presented by Shopee is a 2022 flashback feature so that you will get information for the past year about the buying and selling transactions that you did at Shopee. So that later you can see information related to using this feature. For those of you who don’t know, you can listen to the detailed discussion in our article this time.

Total Shopping for One Year at Shopee

So, next, we discuss an easy way to check the total shopping for one year on the Shopee application. So, you can later see information and additional information regarding the 2022 flashback method on the shopee application.

Well, without lingering and wasting a lot of time, it would be nice if we just saw the detailed discussion below. Because, we have summarized it well and it is easy for you to understand as well as practitioners.

How to see the total shopping for the last year on Shopee

Before discussing how to check Total Shopping for One Year at Shopee You also have to understand about these features first. Well, this 2022 shopee flashback feature is a feature that you can use to see the trips and activities of your shopping activities in 2022. Later you will be able to see your shopping data in 2022.

That way it will be easy for you to see a complete row of information related to your shopping activities along with the goods and stores. Shopee itself always records all buying and selling activities that you have done so far so the data is also very valid.

So, here’s an easy way to check the total shopping for the last year at Shopee easily

  1. First, you can start by opening the shopee application on your cellphone then you will see a 2022 flashback menu. Just click on the menu, you can get it in the shopee application search column.
  2. Then later you will see the 2022 flashback button with shopee, then you will see a row of activities and also data where you used the shopee application in 2022 ago.
  3. You can directly click the next button to continue and see all information related to your activities that have been recorded by shopee.
  4. So, that’s an easy way that you can do to see flashbacks about buying and selling activities in the shopee application.
  5. Done, that way you have managed to see your shopping information and activities for one year on the shopee application.

Well, that’s an easy way that you can follow and use the function of the 2022 flashback feature in the shopee application.

The final word

Not only will you get information on how to see Shopee 2022 Flashback and the amount or total payment at Shopee 2022. In this menu you will also get a unique nickname, depending on the number of orders you made during 2022.

That’s the article How to View Shopee 2022 Flashback from domainjava com, hopefully it helps

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