How to Vn on Telegram Easily

This time we will discuss about how to vn on Telegram. Hopefully, the guide that we provide below can help you in making voice notes in the Telegram application. Therefore, if you really want to be able to send Vn then you can follow our explanation.

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Basically if you look at the application Telegram then you will not find any option to send vn on Telegram. Therefore, you should read our following review so that you know how to send voice notes on Telegram.

You can check the explanation below. You have to read it correctly because you might get the wrong perception if you only halfway. You have to do it slowly so that the process of sending vn on Telegram can run properly.

How to VN on Telegram is Easy

Maybe most social media users only know how to vn on WhatsApp. This is because the microphone icon in WhatsApp is visible immediately when you open the chat screen. And this is very different when you use the Telegram app.

How to VN on Telegram
How to VN on Telegram

Maybe some people will judge that it is almost impossible if you want to send VN on Telegram because there is no option to send voice notes. Investigate, it turns out that the mic icon that you want to use to send VN is hidden a little. You only have to do a few things and you will immediately be able to vn on Telegram.

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Here’s just a step-by-step check of sending voice notes in the Telegram application. You have to follow it slowly because it will be very easy. You just have to follow this slowly.

How to Send Voice Notes on Telegram

To be able to send voice notes on Telegram, this is how.

  • Open your Telegram app.
  • Then you can create just one conversation.
  • While on your Telegram chat page. Immediately just click the icon like the camera in the lower right corner to turn it into a mic icon.
  • When it’s like this, you just press the mic icon and swipe up so that your VN record runs.
  • When it’s running, please convey your VN message.
  • When you’re done, just tap the blue arrow to send.

By following our explanation above we are very sure that you can definitely send voice notes on Telegram.

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That’s all for our explanation of how to VN on Telegram. Hope this is useful for you. Do not forget to try this explanation carefully because it is very easy to do.

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